May 19, 2024

Broken Bone in a Car Accident: Am I Eligible for Compensation?

After a serious car accident, your injuries could make it difficult to recover and get back to your normal life. You may struggle to deal with the pain and medical attention you’ll need for injuries like bone fractures. Worse, you may not be sure that your case is worth much.

Many people have one big question after suffering a broken bone in a car accident: Am I eligible for compensation? Fortunately, you may have a chance to fully recover and get the compensation you deserve.

The Serious Injury Threshold

In most cases, you should be eligible to file a claim with your insurance company for a settlement after an auto accident. New York is a no-fault state, which means that you’ll receive a settlement for your bone injuries even if you were partly or mostly at fault.

However, there’s a threshold for serious injuries. If you suffered through a car wreck worth, or if you or a loved one suffered death, disfigurement, or another major injury, you may need to fight for your claim in court. Your insurance company may not cover the full amount of economic and non-economic damages you deserve.

Broken bones are counted as serious injuries in New York, and fortunately, that can give you an advantage. You want the full compensation you deserve for your bone injury, and you may be eligible for more compensation in court than your insurance settlement will cover.

Eligibility for Bone Fracture Damages

When you’ve suffered a broken bone, you’ve suffered a complex and painful injury. These injuries may be worth a significant amount, so you’ll need to seek compensation that covers all the damages you deserve. Fortunately, your New York attorney can help you seek the economic and non-economic damages you deserve.

First, bone fractures aren’t cheap to repair. At best, you’ll need a cast or similar protection, and in certain situations, you may need physical therapy to strengthen the muscles after the bone is healed. For more serious fractures, you may need surgery to place pins or nails that will reset the bone, which can be expensive.

Consider the non-economic costs of your injuries, as well. Bone injuries can be especially painful, and if milder pains can affect our mood and interactions, the constant pain of an injury can be even more difficult to deal with. You’ll also be facing the emotional trauma of a car crash, not just the injury. However, because these injuries are intangible, you’ll need to contact a lawyer for help calculating these kinds of damages.

Call a Lawyer about Car Crash Compensation

Suffering a major injury in an auto wreck often means you’re entitled to compensation, but you may not know where to start. If you’ve suffered a broken bone in a car accident, you may be worried about whether you’re eligible for compensation.

If you’ve suffered a serious injury, especially a bone fracture, contact the lawyers at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP. We understand how important your compensation is to your recovery, and we’ll help you fight for it.

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