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November 27, 2020

New York City Broken Bone Lawyer

Broken vs. Fractured

All broken bones are fractures. Whether it’s a hairline fracture, which is a crack in the bone, or a complete fracture, in which the bone snaps into two or more pieces, any broken bone is called (at least in medical terms) a fracture.

Doctors use several terms when referring to broken bones. You’ve probably heard one or more of them during the course of your medical treatment:


Only children suffer from bowing fractures, which occur when the bone bends but does not break.


Doctors consider bones that are broken into more than two pieces, or bones that are crushed, comminuted fractures.


Doctors consider it a complete fracture when the bone breaks into two or more pieces. A slip and fall accident, a car accident or any number of other accidents can cause a complete fracture.


When your bone cracks on just one side – not all the way through – doctors consider it a greenstick fracture. Like a complete fracture, this can happen during a fall down the stairs, a fight or a number of other accidents.


If your bone is poking through your skin, you have an open fracture.


As the name implies, a single fracture occurs when the bone is broken in one place.

In New York City, What to Do if You Think Your Bone is Broken

If you think you may have broken a bone, it’s essential that you get medical attention right away.

In addition to ensuring that it heals properly, a doctor can prescribe you pain medication – and if your bone is fractured, you’re going to need something.

In many cases, a broken bone isn’t necessarily the victim’s fault.

Perhaps a negligent landlord left a tear in the carpet in the hallway, causing you to trip and fall; maybe a grocery store employee neglected to put out a “Wet Floor” sign and you slipped.

If your broken bone was the result of something that someone else did or didn’t do on their own property, you might need to call a premises liability attorney who has experience helping people like you.

You could be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

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