Arm Injury Lawyer NYC

A broken arm isn’t just a child’s playground injury. Of course, that certainly happens, but plenty of adults suffer a broken or fractured bone in the arm as well. Most arm injuries are the result of either a fall or direct trauma.

Your natural reflexes during a slip (or trip and fall) often result in broken bones, because it’s a natural instinct to outstretch your hand to break your fall. While it usually prevents a more serious injury, the stress on your arm bones can cause one or more fractures on impact. Direct trauma to an arm bone is often more severe, as in cases of dog bite or when an arm is crushed in a closing window or door.

Is it Broken or Just Bruised?

It can be hard to tell if an arm bone is fractured. Depending on the location and severity of the break, the pain and swelling could be mild, moderate, or severe. Significant pain and swelling, pain with movement, or limited use of the arm are all signs that your arm is probably broken.

The best thing to do if you suspect a broken arm is to see a doctor, who will probably order an X-ray to look at the bones. A broken arm that isn’t properly set and immobilized can heal poorly, causing permanent pain and disability.

You’ll probably miss some work while your broken arm heals. The pain, as well as the inconvenience of trying to go about daily activities with a cast on your arm, can be incredibly stressful – especially if the accident wasn’t your fault. Don’t let it get you down, though. You may want to consult a New York City personal injury lawyer who has experience with situations just like yours.

What if Someone Else is Responsible for Your Injury?

Property owners are required by law to maintain a certain standard of safety on their premises. If someone was negligent in property upkeep, you may not have to carry the financial burden of your broken arm alone. You have bills piling up while you can’t work, and the law may allow you to hold a negligent property owner liable for damages.

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