Broken Hand Lawyer NYC

There are so many bones in your hand – 19, when you’re not counting the eight wrist bones – and they’re some of the thinnest, smallest bones in your body. It’s no wonder people suffer from broken hands after slips, trips and falls, workplace accidents and dozens of other mishaps. While every broken bone hurts, it’s even more unfortunate when someone suffers from a broken hand because of someone else’s negligence.

What Causes a Broken Hand?

A number of accidents can cause a broken hand, but no matter how it happened, you need medical treatment right away. If you put off going to the doctor, your bones could begin to heal the wrong way; that can spell disaster in the future.

Most commonly, three things cause broken hands:

  • Car accidents. Many car accident victims suffer from broken hands for several reasons; the force of the impact, flying objects within the vehicle and the deployment of the airbag are just a few.
  • When you fall, you automatically try to catch yourself or prevent your face and head from hitting the ground. Unfortunately, your hand usually gets the sudden impact of the ground. That’s good because it softens or prevents a blow to the head, but it’s bad that those tiny bones are bearing all that force.
  • Contact sports are, for obvious reasons, one of the leading causes of broken hands. However, sports like skating, snowboarding and skateboarding often lead to falls that put your hands in jeopardy.

When a Broken Hand isn’t Your Fault

It’s never fair when someone else causes your injury, but you might be entitled to compensation for your medical costs, the work you’ve had to miss, and pain and suffering. It’s in your best interest to talk to a NY personal injury lawyer if you were injured on someone else’s property because of their negligence.

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