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A broken leg can really take the wind out of your sails. It’s bad enough that it hurts, but it’s even worse that you have to miss out on normal, everyday activities when your leg is broken. Something as simple as walking your dog becomes impossible, and getting up and getting a snack when your favorite news program is on? Forget it.

Unfortunately, what you’re going through might not even be your fault. New York property owners are responsible for making sure that their premises are safe – but not all of them follow the letter of the law. Whether you tripped on a loose step, slipped in a puddle of water or got into a car accident that you didn’t cause, you might have a case to sue under New York law.

A Word on Leg Bones

A break and a fracture are the same thing in medical terms, but there are several types of these fractures. Because your thigh bone (your femur, in medical terms) is the largest, strongest bone in your body, it’s tough to break – but it’s extremely painful if you do. Your lower leg contains two bones: the tibia and fibula. The tibia is your shin bone; the fibula supports your feet and helps you keep your balance when you’re on the move.

What You’ll Feel with a Broken Leg

If your leg is broken, you’ll probably experience severe pain that makes you immobile. You might also notice:

  • Bruising
  • Deformity
  • Inability to walk
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness

It’s important that you talk to a doctor right away. If you don’t take care of a broken leg immediately, the bones can start to knit together improperly, resulting in deformity and further injury. Some broken legs require surgery, so it’s a good idea to get emergency medical care – even if you only think your leg may be broken.

When Your Broken Leg is Someone Else’s Fault

Of course, we all have accidents. We bump our heads, trip over our own feet, and have dozens of minor accidents every week. However, sometimes accidents are a direct result of someone else’s negligence. If you or someone you care about has a broken leg because someone else “messed up,” it’s probably a good idea to talk to an attorney who can tell you if you’re entitled to financial compensation for what you’re going through.

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