Broken Toe Lawyer NYC

A broken toe is usually considered a minor injury, but it can keep you off your feet for some time while you wait for the pain and swelling to subside. You can break a toe by bending or stubbing it on uneven pavement; a falling object can also cause a broken phalange (the medical name for toe bones).

Sometimes a severely broken toe will keep you from regular activities for weeks and may even require surgery to correct. This can result in lost wages while your medical bills pile up… and it may not even be your fault.

How Can You Tell if Your Toe is Broken?

If you stub your toe in a sidewalk or stairwell accident, for instance, the pain will probably subside rather quickly. If it doesn’t, you may have broken a toe. Symptoms of a broken toe include:

  • Bruising, swelling or throbbing (or all three)
  • Decreased movement or pain when you try to move your toe
  • Deformity, such as your toe appearing twisted or bent in the wrong direction

You may also hear the bone snap at the time of the injury.

How Do You Treat a Broken Toe?

If you suspect that you’ve broken one or more of your toes, seek medical treatment as soon as you can. Treatment will depend on which toe is broken and on the location and severity of the break. Your doctor may “buddy-tape” the injured toe, splint it, or recommend surgery if the break is severe.

An untreated toe fracture could result in limited movement, long-term pain, or even permanent deformity. Be sure to take all of your doctor’s advice, and if he or she tells you to elevate your foot as much as possible, do it. Most broken toes will heal in two to four weeks if you seek medical treatment right away and listen to your doctor’s advice.

Your Pain May Not be Your Fault

If you broke your toe, don’t kick yourself for being clumsy. (Because that will hurt your injured toe – ow!) Many broken toe accidents are caused by uneven flooring, sidewalks or treacherous stairs. You may want to speak with an experienced NYC personal injury lawyer. New York laws hold property owners liable for keeping their premises safe. It may not be your fault that you’re in pain. Your injury could be due to someone’s negligence in property maintenance.

Many people, especially those with severe breaks, decide to consult with a personal injury lawyer experienced in property owner liability. After all, if you’re missing work, school, or fun due to another person’s negligence, you deserve compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and pain. Call today: 800-VICTIM-2.

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