Spine Injury Lawyer NYC

A spinal injury, which can occur in any part of your spine, is considered a broken neck or a broken back. However, there are many misconceptions about spinal fractures – and we’ll get address each one separately.

Common Misconception #1: Spinal Fractures Cause Paralysis

Spinal fractures don’t all result in paralysis, although they can. There are many cases that do result in paralysis and even death, but all spinal fractures are very serious injuries.

Common Misconception #2: It Takes Violent Force to Cause a Spinal Fracture

While car accidents, falls from heights and trauma caused during contact sports can all cause spinal fractures, many can be the result of an ordinary fall or even a small “fender bender.” People who have osteoporosis, tumors or other bone-weakening conditions are more susceptible to spinal fractures, as well.

Common Misconception #3: A Spinal Fracture isn’t the Same as a Broken Back

A spinal fracture, in medical terms, can be a broken back. It can also be a broken neck; it just depends on the area of the spine that was fractured. Doctors use the term fracture synonymously with break.

Common Misconception #4: You Don’t Have a Case

Every case is different. New York State has very specific laws on the books that require property owners to keep their properties safe for customers and visitors, which means you might indeed have a case – especially if you suffered a spinal fracture on a negligent person’s property. It’s best to talk to a lawyer about what happened, even if you think you’re partially to blame, because someone else might be responsible for your injuries.

The most important thing you can do is to keep records of all of your medical treatment, your medical bills, and anything that shows you’ve had to miss work because of your spinal fracture. Give your attorney copies of all the documentation you have, including any police reports that may have been taken down at the time of the accident.

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