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Few injuries can destroy your life as thoroughly as a severe head injury. Get the most compensation possible from those responsible by working with a Bronx brain injury lawyer.

A brain injury can cause many issues for both the victim and the people whose responsibility it is to care for that person. Add to that the insurance battle ahead to recover financial damages if the injury was sustained in an accident where the victim wasn’t at fault, and the entire situation goes from bad to worse.

In order to properly handle and understand all of the issues behind a traumatic brain injury or concussion, you need an experienced Bronx brain injury lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer on your team.

The point of a lawyer is to handle all communication and negotiations with the insurance companies so that you or your loved one can recover from the injury. In addition, your lawyer will investigate to determine who was at fault for the accident that caused the brain damage so that all at-fault parties can be named in the claim.

Filing a Claim for Brain Damage

It’s not always cut-and-dry as to whether you are eligible to file a personal injury claim. The first step is to determine the cause of the head injury in the first place. Obviously, there are many different scenarios that can result in a brain injury, but research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries as follows:

  • Falls (40.5 percent)
  • Unknown/Other (19 percent)
  • Head Struck By/Against an Object (15.5 percent)
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents (14.3 percent)
  • Assaults (10.7 percent)

Regardless of the type of head injury, your Bronx brain injury lawyer will investigate the accident to determine who was at fault. It should be noted that if you or your loved one is responsible for the brain injury or concussion, it can significantly reduce the amount of compensation you can recover, making it essential to work with an attorney who can mitigate the level of fault you receive as much as possible.

Compensation for a Traumatic Brain Injury

In all of the above mentioned potential causes of brain injuries, there are specific factors that your Bronx brain injury lawyer will take into account when assessing the value of your claim:

  • Medical bills for treatment that you are currently receiving or will receive
  • Loss of income and earning potential due to the injury
  • Pain and suffering, including a decrease in quality of life as a result of the injury
  • Any rehabilitation or physical therapy medically necessary to recover from the injury
  • Mental health costs associated with coping with the accident and its aftermath

These are just a few examples of damages that might be included in your case. To get a better idea of all the factors that could result in compensation, as well as a closer estimate of the compensation you might be entitled to, contact our office immediately.

Contact a Bronx Head Injury Lawyer

Whether you suffered a minor concussion or a major traumatic brain injury, your recovery will likely involve many challenges. The legal road can be hard to traverse and dealing with insurance companies can leave you stressed and undercompensated.

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