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A Brooklyn forklift accident attorney can get you the help you desperately need.

If your job description requires the use of a forklift, you’re probably well-aware of how dangerous such machinery can be when completing even the simplest of tasks.

Forklifts, which aren’t exactly known for being light and nimble, are often found at the center of a variety of workplace accidents. Unfortunately, employees severely hurt by forklifts often find themselves wedged between a rock and a hard place—you may find yourself debating whether you should risk your health or job at the likely expense of the other.

Nothing beats feeling better, but you may be eligible to receive the compensation you need to once again achieve optimal wellness through filing a personal injury claim.

Don’t let your anxieties over financing a full recovery mount any longer; contact a Brooklyn forklift accident lawyer at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP today.

Workers Comp Is an Option, But It’s Not the Only Option

As much as your employer may try to convince you otherwise, there are options outside of workers compensation to help you receive the damages you need to make a full and speedy recovery after your Brooklyn forklift accident.

Key to receiving adequate compensation in any personal injury case is proving how another party’s actions leading up to your accident were negligent.

For example, if your employer violated federal law by allowing an underaged employee to operate the forklift that caused you injury, you could argue that your firm exercised poor judgment, which would in turn strengthen your case.

Similarly, if an outside contractor who lacked proper training was the driving force behind your forklift accident in Brooklyn, you would want to highlight how this third party caused your harm.

When formulating and filing a personal injury claim, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, as a third party—such as the forklift’s manufacturer—could be liable. In these and various other situations, you may be eligible to seek personal injury compensation outside the workers comp system. Your forklift accident lawyer in Brooklyn can help you determine whether you qualify.

Where Personal Injury Law Comes into Play

If you decide to pursue compensation for your forklift accident outside of the workers comp insurance your employer provides, you will likely have to deal with New York state personal injury law.

One important element of personal injury law to understand is the liability standard of comparative negligence, which makes it so fault can be apportioned among multiple parties in any given accident, including your Brooklyn forklift accident.

While comparative negligence may allow you to seek damages from parties other than your own employer, it can also leave you personally vulnerable to carrying legal liability, which will ultimately eat away at your final award.

Another important element of personal injury law to consider is your case’s statute of limitations, which is another way of saying how long you will be given to pursue damages. In New York, you will be given three years from the date of your accident to file a claim seeking compensation.

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Today’s forklifts may have more bells and whistles than those of previous generations, but powered industrial trucks still have the potential to gravely injure people. If you’ve been injured by a forklift at work, don’t let your employer give you the runaround.

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