Bronx Clergy Abuse Lawyer

If you’ve suffered abuse by a member of the clergy, you don’t have to accept your suffering or fight alone. Reach out for help from a Bronx sexual abuse lawyer, who can help you seek compensation against the predator.

Over the years, many children have come forward with stories of sexual abuse by priests and clergy members within the Catholic Church. That’s a serious allegation, and it’s one that has affected laws moving forward.

Victims of clergy abuse may be eligible for compensation for their suffering in ways they hadn’t beofre. At Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, we understand that recovery from priest sexual abuse is tough. That’s why you may need help from a Bronx clergy abuse lawyer to recover from your suffering.

Who’s Responsible?

If you’re an adult now but were a child at the time, you might be unsure who’s responsible for your suffering. The Bronx priest who abused you may have since died before you filed your claim. So, who’s responsible in these cases?

If you can’t file a claim against the priest, you might have a chance to sue the church that employed the priest. The other members of the clergy may have overlooked signs of abuse to protect their peers, at your expense.

In other cases, you may file a claim against the Catholic Church. Evidence has shown that many higher members of the Catholic Church knew about widespread sexual abuse, but didn’t act on it. If the abusive priest had previously been accused of misconduct, you may have grounds to sue the Church for failing to act before you were injured.

The New York Child Victims Act

You may know who’s responsible for your abuse, but you’re not sure whether you have time to act. You’re an adult now, and you may be worried about acting on your case.

New York has recently passed the Child Victims Act, which may help you recover compensation despite the amount of time that has passed. This new act lengthens the time limit for abuse claims, as well as providing new opportunities for the abused to sue.

If you’re under fifty-five, you should still be within the time limit to act on your claim under these new laws. Even if you’re older, talk to your Bronx priest abuse lawyer about your case. They may be able to help you seek compensation for your emotional trauma and suffering during the one-year window after the act passes.

Talk with Your Bronx Priest Abuse Attorney

If you’ve been injured and abused by a clergy member, you might have dealt with the trauma and fear for much of your life. Now, though, you have new opportunities to act on your case and seek justice for the abuse you’ve suffered.

At Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, we have the tools and information you need about filing a claim for sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. If you’ve suffered because of a priest, reach out for a free consultation, in which we can discuss your claim before you choose to work with us.

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