Brooklyn Burn Injury Lawyer

Severe burns can be some of the most painful and expensive injuries possible. To find out if you have grounds to seek compensation, speak with a Brooklyn burn injury lawyer.

Thousands of people are burned every year, and the medical expenses they face are almost as terrible as the physical pain and emotional damage they suffer. If this is your situation, these expenses should not be your burden when someone else’s negligence caused the accident. It is your right to seek financial compensation from any and all at-fault parties.

If you have been burned in an accident, you need to discuss your situation with a Brooklyn burn injury lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP before making any statements or decisions on how to proceed with your personal injury claim.

Cause Determines Fault in Burn Accidents

Burns can be caused by many different factors, including careless individuals, defective products, and negligent business and safety practices. The fact that burns most commonly occur in the home means that defective products of some kind are often to blame. It could also mean that premises liability might come into play due to faulty wiring, degraded gas pipes, or other inadequately maintained or faulty items on the grounds.

Severe burns can also happen in less easily categorized situations. For example, wait staff could spill scalding hot coffee on you in a restaurant or you could be burned in an industrial accident at work. No matter how you were injured, the costs are the same and you deserve to hold the responsible party liable for those expenses.

A Brooklyn burn injury lawyer can investigate the scene of the accident, the product, and the safety practices and decide how many entities need to be named in your personal injury lawsuit to maximize your compensation.

Extensive Reconstructive Compensation for a Severe Burn

The costs of burn injuries can be more extensive than many other forms of physical damage because burns often require long stays in intensive care units (ICU) and multiple skin grafts and other reconstructive surgeries.

Regardless of how bad everything seems to be, you have the right to seek compensation to pay for your recovery. To this end, you are allowed to claim any of the following that apply to your case:

  • Immediate and ongoing medical costs
  • Skin grafts, if necessary
  • Other reconstructive and plastic surgeries
  • Accommodations to your vehicles, home, and workspaces for new disabilities
  • Lost income and decreased earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Punitive damages
  • Damage done to your marriage and personal relationships

Free Consultation with a Brooklyn Severe Burn Lawyer

It’s completely understandable if you are struggling to determine how to proceed with your burn injury claim. It can be difficult to know who was at fault and how much a fair settlement would be, and the at-fault parties and their insurers won’t be interested in helping you find answers.

Before you do anything, you should sit down with a Brooklyn burn injury lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP to see how strong your case is and how much compensation you should expect. Call us as soon as you are able at 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) or fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation.

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