Brooklyn Clergy Abuse Lawyer

Have you suffered abuse by a member of the Catholic Church? You may have  grounds for a clergy abuse lawsuit in Brooklyn, even if some time has passed.

Facing child abuse is a difficult, painful situation. You and your family has suffered because of your abuser, but they’re also in a position of power. The abuse may have happened decades ago, but it still affects you personally.

If you’re struggling in the aftermath of abuse, especially from a member of your church, you may be eligible for a claim. At Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, we have the tools to help you seek compensation for your suffering. Your Brooklyn clergy abuse lawyer can help you get the answers you need when you’ve suffered.

New York’s Child Victims Act

Due to recent changes in New York law, you may have a chance to file a clergy abuse lawsuit in Brooklyn, even if you didn’t have the opportunity before. These laws have lengthened the time limits for child sexual abuse claims, which makes it easier for those who have suffered to get the compensation they may be eligible for.

For example, originally, you only had a few years to file, and you had even less time to serve a notice of your claim to entities such as the Catholic Church. That made it harder on families to sue.

Now, you should be able to file a claim until you’re fifty-five. You may also sue even if that Brooklyn clergy member has died, since the church may have enabled your suffering. That means that more people, like yourself, will have an opportunity to sue their abusers.

Your Options for Legal Action in Brooklyn, NY

When you’re ready to file, you may need to speak to your lawyer about your first steps. They can help you build your claim, even if your abuser has died since the abuse. Your lawyer can first help by finding the person responsible for your suffering, which may be the abuser or, in cases of their death, the church responsible for enabling them or not stopping the abuse from continuing.

From there, you and your clergy abuse lawyer in Brooklyn can work on finding the worth of your claim. This amount should include the financial costs of your medical care as well as care for the emotional trauma you’ve suffered because of the abuse.

In the Brooklyn courtroom, your attorney can guide you through the difficulties of your case. This is a stressful, emotional time, but your lawyer can help you by building your Brooklyn sexual abuse claim and guiding you through your day in court.

Seek Help from a Clergy Abuse Lawyer in Brooklyn

If you’ve suffered abuse at the hands of a clergy member, you may be eligible for compensation for your suffering. Unfortunately, many people are concerned that, because of the age of their case or because of the social power of their abusers, they don’t stand a chance for a successful claim.

Fortunately, the lawyers at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can help you file your claim. By getting started with a free consultation, you’ll have a chance to see where your lawyer can help and how you can get your compensation after a clergy abuse claim.

To get started, reach out to a Brooklyn clergy abuse lawyer for help. Get started by calling 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) or by completing the online form below.

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