April 13, 2024

Can a Crime Victim be Reimbursed for Counseling Services in NY?

Being victimized in any fashion is an unsettling experience. Victims of crime often find that the trauma causes long-lasting effects such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks. If you need mental health counseling after falling victim to a crime, can you seek legal action to be compensated for the expense?

In many cases, you can. However, your time to file a claim is likely to be very limited. You will need to initiate any claim within New York’s statute of limitations for the crime in question. This can be as little as one year.In the case of sexual abuse of a minor, the statute of limitations begins when the victim reaches 18 years of age, rather than the time of the crime or crimes.

The laws do change from time to time, so it’s important to note thatyou are bound by the New York statutes in place at the time of the crime. Working with an experienced local attorney is the best way to determine whether you can take legal action to attempt to recover compensation for your counseling.

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