July 21, 2024

Can You Sue when You Need Laser Treatment?

This is an interesting question. Doctors often perform laser treatments for skin resurfacing, as an elective cosmetic procedure. It is, however, sometimes a medically necessary procedure to correct a condition or injuries such as burns or abrasions.

If you’re injured because of someone else’s carelessness or negligent behavior, that party is liable for your medical expenses. This means that if you need laser treatment to repair tissue damage caused by your injuries, you have a strong claim for damages.

If your doctor recommends laser treatments to correct disfigurement caused by your injuries, you still have a strong claim for damages. Disfigurement is a disability, one that causes emotional anguish and a loss of enjoyment of life. These losses fall into the category of “pain and suffering.”

Since pain and suffering is compensable, treatments to correct or reduce disfigurement are also compensable—particularly because such treatments would likely cost less than a personal injury claim for the disfigurement itself.

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