April 12, 2024

Cellino & Barnes Splitting Up?

Everyone in NYC has seen a commercial for Cellino & Barnes at one time or another. Now, reports are that the firm may be on the verge of splitting up. As with any high-profile company, reports of internal conflict have fueled media reports speculating on what’s really happening behind closed doors.

At the heart of everything is a lawsuit that has been filed by Ross Cellino against his partner Stephen Barnes, apparently seeking to dissolve the firm and end their business relationship. Obviously, this is a dramatic course of action that has left many on the outside wondering about what’s caused it. After all, Cellino & Barnes is a highly successful law firm, so the fact that one of the firm’s partners evidently wants out has raised more than a few eyebrows.

Nepotism Involved?

According to some media reports, the partners’ relationship began to deteriorate after Barnes refused to hire Cellino’s fresh-out-of-law-school daughter, citing the need to avoid bringing nepotism into their business. This reasoning might have been plausible—and even laudable—were it not for the fact that Barnes’ brother and girlfriend had already been working at the firm for several years.

Still, while this dispute might have been a turning point for the two attorneys, no one is yet claiming that it’s part of the rationale behind Cellino’s decision to take legal action against his partner.

Management and Business Practices Cited

Instead, confidants claim that Cellino has become increasingly unhappy with the overall management style and direction the firm has taken. Reports state that he feels it has become too aggressive in some regards, and that his concerns have fallen on deaf ears with no course correction being taken.

Because of this dissatisfaction, Cellino now seeks to dissolve the firm so that his name is no longer attached to it. Obviously, this leaves a number of questions that don’t have obvious answers, many of which directly concern injured victims with cases in progress:

  • What will happen to the ongoing cases the firm is currently working on?
  • Will the legal dispute cause delays in investigations and settlement negotiations?
  • Will the lawsuit become a distraction for the rest of the firm?
  • Will the disagreement pull resources away from client cases?

These are all legitimate concerns, none of which have a readily apparent answer.

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