Child Sexual Abuse at Prep Schools

Prep schools pride themselves on their close relationships between students, administrators, and faculty. Unfortunately, these close relationships foster predators taking advantage of children. Kids living away from home increase their vulnerability. The perpetrators include pedophile teachers, coaches, administrators and employees, as well as older students who prey on younger children.

NY Prep Schools Where Child Sex Abuse Has Been Reported

Child sexual abuse at prep schools happens too often. Prominent child sexual abuse cases at prep schools include the following schools:

  • Loyola School: Louis Tambini
  • Regis and Xavier High Schools: John Farrand, John Gallen, Edward Horgan, James Kuntz, Robert Voelke
  • The Park School of Buffalo: Donald Graff
  • Nichols School in Buffalo: Arthur Budington, E. Webster Dann, Julie Jones, Donna Armistead
  • Poly Prep: Robert “Bob” Rusch, John Miller, Philip Foglietta
  • Buckley School/Riverdale Country School, Richard Hovan
  • Nightingale-Bamford School: Jonathan Fuller
  • Cathedral High School: Richard Ali
  • Horace Mann: William Clinton, Johannes Somary, Robert Berman, Tek Young Lin, Mark Wright, Stanley Kops, Crawford Blagden, R. Inslee Clerk.
  • The Dalton School: Gardner Dunnan, Jonathan Then
  • Woodward School: Robert “Bob” Rusch

Child sexual abuse at prep schools is usually dealt with secretly and internally. Cover-ups of child sexual abuse at prep schools are the norm. The abuse is not reported to parents or the police. Victims are pressured to stay silent. Prep schools protect their reputation instead of the children under their care.

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