Child Sexual Abuse at Private Schools

In December, 2018, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation which requires all private schools to report child sexual abuse allegations directly to law enforcement, the child’s parents and the Department of Education. Those responsible for reporting child sexual abuse allegations include teachers, nurses, administrators, therapists, speech pathologists, teacher aides and school resource officers.

Prior to this legislation, employees who were accused of sexual misconduct at private schools were either fired or forced to resign quietly without contacting authorities about the allegation. Child sexual abuse at private schools was covered up. This allowed perpetuators to move to another school with no public record disclosing their abuse. This practice was commonly referred to as “passing the trash.”  The perpetuators were passed off to other schools providing them with a whole new pool of victims.

This new legislation will prevent a private school teacher dismissed due to suspected child sexual abuse from getting a new job with another school. This legislation is critically important since children attending private schools are especially vulnerable to sexual abuse.

Reported Private School Sex Abuse Cases in NY

Reported cases of child sexual abuse at private schools include the following:

  • St. Bernard’s School
  • New York School for the Deaf (also known as ‘Fanwood”) – Joseph Casucci
  • The Brearley School: 4 unnamed teachers
  • Trevor Day School: John Dexter; Jonathan Then
  • Hunter College High School: Asumana Randolph; Timothy Avery
  • Yeshiva University High School: George Finkelstein; Macy Gordon
  • Westchester Day School/SAR Riverdale: Stanley Rosenfeld
  • Fordham Prep: Fernand Beck
  • Trinity School NYC: Larry Cantor; Robert Kahn
  • Friends Academy of Brooklyn (private): Janitor Jesus Flores
  • St. Ann’s School (private): 6 unnamed confirmed teachers as well as John Smith and the headmaster of the school Stanley Bosworth

New York residents who were sexually abused as children at private schools now have until August 14, 2021 to pursue claims.

Reach Out to a Trusted Attorney

The compassionate and skilled New York City Child Sexual Abuse Lawyers at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP handle child sexual abuse cases against private schools for their failure to protect children from sexual abuse by teachers, coaches, staff, volunteers, and other students. We understand that coming forward is very difficult. We can help. We will walk you through the process. We will hold the abusers and the institutions who protect them accountable.

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