Child Sexual Abuse Statistics

If you’re concerned about the safety of a child in your care, it’s important to understand the dangers they could face. That’s especially true if you suspect the child is a victim of child molestation.

Sometimes, it can be tough to know what to expect from your case, and you might be coming in with preconceived notions about sexual abuse that may not be true. That’s why we at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP are sharing just a few child sexual abuse statistics. That way, you know what to look for and what steps you can take to protect the child from further abuse.

Most Child Victims Know the Abuser

Many people assume that child molesters are a separate class of people who can be found and reported without trouble. They might even assume that these aren’t people who are part of their communities.

The sad truth is that the overwhelming majority of children, at 93 percent, knew their abusers. Often, these abusers are adults in positions of power and authority over them. Often, that’s parents or other family members, but it can also be mentors, such as priests and teachers.

Sexual Abuse Locations

Many people also think that child sexual abuse happens away from everyday locations. Popular media is full of images of white vans or dark alleys as common places for exploitation and sexual abuse. Most cases aren’t like this at all.

Just as most abusers know the children they’re abusing, these abusers often have access to the children in private places. In fact, more than half of sexual abuse incidents happen at home, in churches, schools, and other familiar places. If you notice an adult routinely disappearing into private spaces with a child, that  may be a warning sign of child sexual abuse.

Understanding Your New York Child Sexual Abuse Claim

Although child sexual abuse statistics can help us better understand abuse and how to stop it, these facts can also surprise us. Many pieces of media spread misconceptions about abuse, which is why it’s so important to understand accurate facts about sexual abuse.

At Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, you have people behind you who are ready to support you. It can be hard to understand the legal issues surrounding child molestation, so it’s important to seek out a lawyer who has the necessary experience. Starting with a free claim consult, we’ll discuss your claim in detail so you know what to expect before you agree to work with us.

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