May 24, 2024

Clergy Sex Abuse: How NYC Victims Are Fighting Back

You may have grown up in the Catholic Church, or you turned to the church for guidance and peace as a young adult. Sadly, you were taken advantage of and sexually abused by a clergy member. Now, you’re traumatized, dealing with the aftermath, and wondering where to turn.

When you’re struggling to deal with clergy sex abuse, it’s important to know how other NYC victims are fighting back. Knowing what to expect from your claim and what you can do about your abuse claim can help you fight back and get not just closure, but also justice for your suffering

New York’s Child Victims Act

The first concern you may have about your sex abuse claim is the time limits and restrictions on your claim. Until recently, child victims of sexual abuse had few legal options and a short time period to file a lawsuit. 

Now, the New York Child Victims Act gives you more options than before to file your lawsuit. Now, you can file a claim until you turn fifty-five years old. If you’re over fifty-five, you may still be able to file a claim during the one-year window after the act’s passing, which gives you and your sexual abuse lawyer more time to act.

Criminal Charges and Civil Claims

You’ll also need to consider whether you can press charges and the effect on your claim. For example, if you’ve discovered your child was sexually abused by a clergy member, you may be planning to press charges against the responsible party. You can do so until the abused party turns twenty-eight years old.

However, you won’t get compensation through a criminal case. This trial is meant to punish the wrongdoer and get justice for you, but you’ll need to pursue compensation through a civil lawsuit. Fortunately, you can do both. Once the criminal trial is complete, you and your sex abuse attorney can pursue compensation, and you can even use that evidence for your claim. 

Compensation for Clergy Sex Abuse 

When you’re sexually abused by a clergy member, you may be eligible for compensation that covers your expenses and suffering that resulted from the abuse. These losses, also called damages, may be economic and non-economic in nature. That means both your financial and emotional losses should be considered. 

Your non-economic damages can be more difficult to calculate, however. You may need a lawyer’s help to get the resources you need for your claim. They’ll be able to calculate your claim’s worth based on the severity of your suffering and the impact the abuse has had on your future and overall well-being. 

Talk to Your NYC Clergy Sex Abuse Lawyer for Guidance

Many New Yorkers have suffered through clergy sex abuse. It’s a painful, traumatic experience, and fighting back as a NYC victim can be tough. Fortunately, you have options to recover compensation for your losses. 

Your lawyers at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can guide you through your claim. Although we can’t prevent past abuse from happening, we can help you seek the maximum compensation available for your claim and a better future for you. 

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