May 24, 2024

Determining Fault in a Multi-Car Accident

When you’re struck by another driver, it can already be a little tough to determine who’s at fault for your injuries. When you’ve been in a car accident involving multiple vehicles, it may feel nearly impossible to determine who’s at fault.

If you’re not sure who’s at fault, it can be tough to take your legal claim to court. That’s why you may need to take the guesswork out of your claim and talk with an NYC car accident lawyer about who’s financially responsible for your injuries.

Using Expert Witnesses and Eyewitnesses

When you’re hurt in a multi-car accident, determining fault can be hard. You may not have witnessed the beginning of the crash—for example, someone may have lost control around a curve, striking another car, before you were hit. Because of this, it can be difficult to rely on what you saw during the accident.

But someone else may have seen the accident, or someone may even have caught the accident on camera. In these situations, you have an eyewitness for your claim. A recording of the accident can be a key piece of evidence, showing who lost control first and whether any other drivers were acting carelessly.

If no one saw the accident, or if the available evidence isn’t strong enough for your claim, you may need an expert witness to review the accident. An expert witness is a professional with experience who can help you build a claim against the at-fault party. For example, a reconstruction expert can piece together what happened and how the accident happened, showing which driver was at fault.

Proving Fault in a Multi-Car Accident

Filing a lawsuit against another driver or at-fault party isn’t as simple as determining who caused the car accident and who’s financially responsible for the accident. You also need to gather evidence to prove they were careless in court.

Proving fault after a multi-car accident can be tough. With so many vehicles involved, it can be difficult to pinpoint a single driver and gather evidence to prove they were at fault.

Because of this, you may need to speak with a lawyer. Your lawyer can gather evidence about the accident that proves fault for your claim. Your lawyer can even represent you in the courtroom. These steps can help you focus on your health and your recovery beyond the courtroom.

Call a Lawyer to Pinpoint Fault in a Car Accident

When you’re hurt in a serious car accident you didn’t cause, you need to seek compensation from the at-fault party. But this may not have been a simple two-car accident. You may have been one of many drivers injured in a severe accident.

When this happens, you may need to seek compensation through a lawyer at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP. Your lawyer can help you identify the at-fault party in your car accident and seek compensation that covers your injuries and suffering. Take advantage of our free consultations by calling 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) or completing the online contact form below to learn more about your options.

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