June 15, 2024

Do You Need an NYC Injury Lawyer? Here’s How to Know

When someone else is careless or negligent, you could be seriously injured as a result. Unfortunately, you may be unsure what that means for you. You may be thinking about suing, but do you really need to? Do you need a NYC injury lawyer for your claim? 

Unfortunately, that’s a tough question when you’re already struggling with your injuries and what you can do about your claim. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can know whether you need an NYC injury lawyer and how to get the help you need for your claim.

You’re Seriously Injured

When you’re hurt in a serious accident, your injuries can affect ever aspect of your life. Even something that seems minor at the time could get continually worse, and make it harder for you to recover from the accident and get your life back on track. 

For example, you may have been knocked down and hit your head because of your accident. You may have suffered a concussion, which affects the way your brain processes information. That means you may be unable to focus, remember things, or do certain tasks that used to be easy for you. 

Your NYC injury lawyer can help you get compensated for those injuries. You shouldn’t have to live with the costs of another’s carelessness. Fortunately, you don’t have to. If someone has injured you or otherwise cost you something, such as car repairs after a crash, you may need a lawyer to help you with your claim.

The Other Side Is Blaming You

You may already know that you have a claim against the at-fault party—they were careless, and they made you suffer for it. What you may not know is what to do when they try to turn the tables on you. 

The at-fault party may try to say you were the one being careless. They may claim you were distracted behind the wheel, for example, so you weren’t giving the road proper attention. Now, you’ve been seriously injured, and they’re claiming it’s your fault. That could decrease your compensation and make it harder to financially recover from your losses.

You may need an NYC personal injury lawyer because you don’t have the tools to fight back when they accuse you of causing the accident. Fortunately, your lawyer can defend you against these claims. 

Talk to an NYC Injury Lawyer when You Need One

When you’re hurt by another person’s carelessness, it can be tough to overcome your losses. You’re hurt, you’re struggling financially, and the person responsible for your suffering may be doing everything they can to make it more difficult for you to recover. Fortunately, you don’t have to accept their actions and refusal to help. Instead, get help from a lawyer at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP.

If you’re not sure yet what your claim is worth, reach out for guidance from your lawyer, starting with a free consultation. We can help you get compensated for your losses when you give us a call at 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) or fill out the online contact form below. 

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