Do I Have to See a Doctor After a Personal Injury?

Yes, at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, we encourage you to visit a doctor immediately following a personal injury. This is not the time to be tough or to ignore your symptoms. Instead, you need a thorough examination to make sure you do not have any internal bleeding or internal injuries like head trauma.

Do I have to see a doctor if I do not see any physical damage?

You should see a doctor after an accident regardless of what you see. Things like a broken bone or major cuts are clear indications that you need to seek medical care. However, something like whiplash can be incredibly painful without any physical manifestations. Having a doctor conduct a thorough examination is the best way to make sure you are okay.

Keep in mind that a doctor will be able to treat you, as well as prescribe pain medication or muscle relaxers. You may not even realize that you need these things immediately after an accident because of your body going into shock. It may take until the next day or the day after that for you to experience the full extent of what your body just went through.

Do I have to see a traditional MD, or can I visit any doctor after my accident?

We tend to recommend that you start with your primary care provider (unless you were sent to the emergency room). Your doctor can serve as a coordinator for the rest of your care. They can conduct a thorough examination and prescribe the medication you need. Then, they can refer you to someone for physical therapy, massage, or even chiropractic and acupuncture. You may find that you require the help of several types of physicians for you to begin feeling better or to experience a full recovery.

How will I pay for my doctor’s bills after a personal injury?

After your accident, you should open a claim with your insurance company. They will provide you with a claim number you can provide the doctor with. This way, your care will go under that claim, and you will not be responsible for paying copays or needing to meet a set deductible.

Are there any tips I should know before going to a doctor for my personal injury?

If you are visiting a doctor or chiropractor you have visited in the past, you can ask for them to open a new file for this particular injury. That way, when your file is requested by the insurance company, they are not reviewing any information about last year’s flu, your prior sports injury, etc.

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