Who Will Pay for My Expenses After a Personal Injury?

After you have been in an accident, you may have many expenses. These can begin to pile up quickly as you make trips to the doctor’s office, attend physical therapy, schedule massages, or take your car to the auto body shop. If you do not have the extra cash to pay copays or for your car repairs, do not worry. Your insurance policy should step up to the plate for you.

Open an Insurance Claim After Suffering a Personal Injury

To prevent the need to pay for medical bills or car repairs out of pocket, call your insurance company and tell them that you want to open up an accident claim. They will get information regarding what happened and then give you a claims number to use. This can be given to your doctor and to the auto body shop. They send the bill to your insurance company so you do not have to pay anything yourself. This is how it is supposed to work, and as long as you have good coverage, it works well.

Who Pays for Everything in the End?

While your insurance company will pick up the tab initially, they will go after the other driver’s insurance company to reimburse them if the other driver was at fault for the wreck. This is done behind the scenes. However, you should know that when your case does eventually settle, the amount your insurance company has already paid toward your medical bills will be deducted from the total settlement amount. This is fair since they made it possible for you to not have to pay anything out of pocket. In fact, you should not even have a co-pay.

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