May 24, 2024

Good Communication is Key

Among the top fears of potential clients is that he or she will retain an attorney who turns out to be unresponsive. For clients unfamiliar with our practice, this is an understandable concern. Indeed, a top complaint of personal injury clients is that their lawyers don’t return their calls.

We Understand Your Pain

Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP understands how vulnerable you’re probably feeling while you recover from an accidental injury. It’s not fair that you’re suffering because of someone else’s negligence. You may be angry; you may even be feeling despair.

It’s natural to be uncertain about your future. We help people every day who are in situations similar to yours. Each of our attorneys takes the time to respond to all messages regarding his or her clients’ queries and concerns.

If you have questions regarding your case or if you feel you have something to add to our last discussion, we want to hear about it. Returning calls and emails is part of our promise to maintain good communication with our clients. We want you to know we have your back, so you can focus on what’s really important—recovering from your injuries.

Courtesy and Respect

We respect our clients and their feelings. We return all client calls—it’s a matter of common courtesy. We will not abandon you during this stressful and trying time.

Choosing the wrong personal injury firm may leave you wondering what’s going on with your case. The wrong injury lawyer may leave you feeling as though addressing your concerns and questions is a hassle. The right attorney, and the right firm, will always make you feel respected and valued.

We acknowledge and respect the fears and uncertainties that often come with this difficult period in our clients’ lives. We won’t leave you to wonder if your message was received—we return calls promptly and strive to be sure you understand the process every step of the way.

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