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If you’ve been hurt in a commercial trucking wreck, you can seek compensation to cover your injuries and losses. Get the most from your claim by working with a Harlem truck accident lawyer.

Getting hurt in a semi-truck accident can be legally complicated. With multiple parties to blame, most victims don’t know where to start and are easily taken advantage of by insurance and trucking companies looking to save their bottom line.

It is far better to work with a Harlem truck accident lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP who can protect your rights rather than trying to handle both your case and the negotiations on your own. This ensures that the other party’s attorneys cannot take advantage of your lack of legal experience.

Why Are Semi-Truck Accidents So Complicated?

It comes down to liability. Someone must be to blame for your crash in order for you to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. Identifying the negligent party is difficult after an 18-wheeler crash because of the various parties that could be to blame:

  • Truck Driver – If the trucker fell asleep at the wheel or was driving recklessly, he or she could be at fault.
  • Trucking Company – If the driver was an actual employee (rather than a contractor), the company is likely liable since their insurance policy would cover what happens in one of their trucks.
  • Defective Parts and Tires – We will determine if there was a defective truck part that caused the accident, which could make the manufacturer to blame.
  • Other Drivers – If you and the 18-wheeler were involved in a pileup, a third driver could also be to blame for starting the multiple-vehicle accident.

When investigating the crash, we will identify all negligent parties and name them in your lawsuit. This is the best way to receive compensation because if the wrong party is named in your claim, the case could be dismissed.

Conducting Discovery

Your Harlem truck accident lawyer will prove who caused the accident and why you deserve compensation. To do so, we will conduct discovery and gather evidence.

Given how complex semi-truck crashes can be, we will also conduct depositions and ask questions of all parties while under oath. This allows us to better understand the relationship between the driver and the trucking company, identify maintenance issues, and prove negligence.

Collecting Damages for a Semi-Truck Wreck

Most crash victims want to know how much compensation to expect, but the answer depends on how badly you were injured and how those injuries have impacted your life. We will seek compensation for all of the damages you have experienced:

  • Economic Damages – These will pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and all other tangible costs like transportation expenses and caregivers.
  • Non-Economic Damages – Getting money for your pain and suffering is important because this money goes directly to you and not to your doctors.
  • Punitive Damages – We can ask the jury to punish the negligent party for grossly negligent conduct by awarding punitive damages.

The jury will decide the value of your case, but to get an idea of what you could be awarded, schedule an appointment with a Harlem truck accident lawyer in our office.

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