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Injury Lawyer NYC

If you have been injured and you know that the cause of your injury was another person’s negligence, you need to hire an injury lawyer in NYC to represent you and ensure that you are properly compensated for your injuries. The reality is that very few people chose to do the right thing, to admit that they were at fault and make your injuries right. Rather, people prefer to hire their own NYC personal injury attorney and try and prove that you were equally, or fully, to blame and thereby exonerating themselves from any responsibility.

Reasons to Hire a NYC i personal injury Lawyer: Medical Bills

Typically, when a person is involved in a situation where they are injured, there will be medical bills involved. If you are injured in a slip and fall, the impact of hitting the ground can break bones, cause back injuries, or worse. In any event, if you have been injured, you should not have to bear the medical costs if another person or company was responsible for the conditions that led to your accident. As an injury lawyer NYC, we know how high medical expenses for injuries can get, and that is why you need to ensure that you have an injury lawyer in NYC representing your best interests.

Reasons to Hire an Injury attorney in NYC: Expenses and Unpaid Time Off

If you have fallen, been in a car accident, or been hurt on the job, you will have to take time off work. Some injuries are more severe than others, with injuries like a broken hip bone taking months to recover. During this time, you will not able to work and hence will be denied an income unless you can get disability. Your injury lawyer wants you to get disability but also wants to make sure the people responsible for your injury have to participate by paying you for the work you are missing and any other expenses you may incur. Not surprisingly, few accused parties feel like they want to make this kind of restitution, which will lead to a series of legal battles and motions by your injury lawyer NYC to get you paid for the time you are being forced to take off.

People and companies have become extremely crafty when it comes to admitting any kind of fault in an accident. They do not do this because, despite it being the honorable thing to do, they do not want to take responsibility for their negligence. As such, most companies will already have a personal injury lawyer NYC on their payroll or on retainer. This is to make sure that should you file a complaint, they can deal with it swiftly within the confines of the law. You are at a distinct disadvantage when dealing with a trained lawyer whose sole purpose is to confuse, confound, and ultimately make sure that your complaint goes nowhere. On the other hand, as soon as you introduce your own personal injury lawyer NYC, the playing field is even, giving you a much better shot at proving your case and getting restitution.

Proving Liability

When it comes to an injury, the law seeks to determine the circumstances surrounding your injury and allocating blame, which we call liability, to the person most responsible for your injury. Within the legal system, the judge is going to look at a very clear set of facts and make a decision based on the reasonable person test. The reasonable person test is simply a method of examining the circumstances and asking the question, “What would a reasonable person do or expect in this situation?” You need a personal injury lawyer to make sure evidence is presented in a way that shows that your actions were reasonable and theirs were not

For example: In a slip and fall accident involving a personal injury lawyer NYC, the reasonable person question might be, “Would a reasonable person have put out a sign to warn people about the icy steps coming into their store?” You might assume that the answer is yes, but there are ways around this, which is why you need to be represented by a personal injury lawyer NYC in a case like this. Our job is to make sure that when the question is asked, “Would a reasonable person have slipped and fallen, causing these injuries?” that the answer is an emphatic yes.

Peace of Mind

You need to focus on recovery and getting healthy. It is our job to fight the legal battles for you and get you the restitution you deserve. Hiring an injury Lawyer in NYC means that you do not have the headache of dealing with the court systems, learning how to maneuver within the law, or worrying about negotiations with the other side. We do all that for you.

Our attorneys are experienced in personal injury law. We can help you get compensation while minimizing the stress that often accompanies lawsuits. Call our office today 1-800-842-8462 to begin your claims process, or to find out more about personal injury law.

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