May 24, 2024

Is Lead Paint Even a Thing Any More?

Lead-based paint was banned for use in housing in 1978. Presumably, any home you would buy or rent today has been painted numerous times since then—so is lead poisoning still a concern?

Unfortunately, it may be. Children are most at risk, but anyone exposed to more than trace amounts of lead can suffer permanent ill effects. Although any lead-based paint in your home is most likely covered by several layers of non-toxic paints by now, there are certain situations in which the older, lead-based paint may be exposed—and therefore accessible to your children. In particular:

  • Moisture or other factors causing paint to peel or chip
  • Renovations, including minor work such as drilling a hole or installing a wall outlet

Do You Suspect Lead Contamination?

If you suspect that someone’s carelessness has left your kids—or anyone else—exposed to toxic lead paint, you may have a strong claim to collect damages. The law may limit the time you have to make a claim, so don’t delay. Get in touch with us and speak to an experienced attorney about your situation, at no cost.

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