June 8, 2023

Holding Your Landlord Responsible for Toxic Mold

Are you a renter who’s been forced to live with toxic mold in your home? You should know that holding your landlord responsible for toxic mold is possible with foresight and planning.

Toxic mold can have a massive impact on your current and future health. Here’s what you need to know about holding your landlord responsible for your condition, with a lawyer’s help. 

Types of Illnesses Caused by Toxic Mold

Toxic mold produces mycotoxins, which can cause respiratory problems and various ailments in the lungs in humans and animals. You may experience some of the following illnesses: 

The mold can cause acute inflammation of the lungs in certain people. 

People with weakened immune systems are especially vulnerable to respiratory problems and issues with the lungs like asthma. Talk to your landlord as soon as you suspect there’s a problem, so you can keep everyone in your home healthy.

Bringing a Lawsuit Against Your Landlord

Unfortunately, when you or someone you love is exposed to toxic mold, the medical bills can pile up. Worse, your landlord may ignore the problem and fail to do anything about it. 

You should act quickly if you want to win a claim against your landlord for mold exposure because they may try to cover up evidence of the problem or claim it was caused by something other than their neglectful maintenance practices. You can file a lawsuit, but you’ll need to document the mold problem first.

Contact an inspector as soon as possible. The inspector should be able to identify whether there is a problem with moisture inside your home and where it might be coming from. They can also help determine whether there are any hidden defects in the building itself, such as faulty wiring, that could lead to more serious problems later.

Take photographs or videos and make sure each picture clearly shows the area of concern with as much detail as possible. Record video footage from multiple angles, so there is no doubt about what you’re dealing with. 

Once you’ve gathered some evidence, contact an attorney who focuses on premises liability cases immediately. They can guide you through the details of your claim and represent you in the courtroom. 

Protect Your Rights with an NYC Mold Lawyer

When you rent an apartment or house, the owner is legally responsible for keeping the premises safe for its occupants. Unfortunately, your landlord may be unwilling to cover the costs of maintenance and medical care. 

You don’t have to suffer in silence with respiratory problems because of toxic mold. You may have a toxic mold case against your landlord on the grounds of premises liability, negligence, or a breach of warranty of habitability. 

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