Being involved in an accident may leave you seriously injured, facing financial struggles, and feeling you have no one to advocate for you. An incident like this often leads to costly medical bills, loss of wages, and damage to quality of life. If your injuries were caused by the recklessness or negligence of another party, there are options available to help you seek compensation for each damage you have suffered.

In this situation, victims of personal injuries have rights allowing them to file legal actions against liable parties, claiming damages for expenses and suffering. However, taking on laws and courts by yourself could make an outcome of justice difficult to achieve. The guidance of a Manhattan personal injury lawyer at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can help you secure the compensation you deserve.


Getting injured is one of the unfortunate facts of life. Accidents happen, and injured victims may be presented with challenges in determining whether or not they have the grounds and evidence to file lawsuits against negligent parties in order to seek fair compensation. The knowledge and experience of legal experts can help you establish liability for your injuries and maximize settlements and verdicts.

The primary difference between a run-of-the-mill accident and a serious personal injury case is negligence or carelessness. To file an accident claim against another party’s insurance, you and your Manhattan accident injury lawyer need to be able to show sufficient evidence that you were directly injured because of the negligent party’s reckless actions and how they’ve impacted your life.

Typically, a few common circumstances will warrant a personal injury claim. Some examples of these types of lawsuits, or areas of practice, include the following:

  • Medical Malpractice – When you place your life in the hands of a medical provider, you do so under the assumption they will keep you safe. If a healthcare professional fails to uphold their duty of care, their liability coverage can be held accountable for resulting injuries.

Some examples of these cases might include surgeons making errors when they operate, a doctor failing to diagnose a life-threatening illness, or a nurse administering the wrong treatment or medication. Nursing home, sexual, and other forms of abuse of vulnerable people are typically considered separate practice areas.

  • Car, Trucking, and Motorcycle Accidents – Automobile accidents cause injuries in the millions, making the negligence of other drivers one of the most common reasons for personal injury claims. Liability for a collision may rest with negligent motorists, the way a vehicle was manufactured, or a government agency charged with the safety of our Manhattan roads.

Frequent causes of vehicle accident cases include people texting and driving, defective automobile products and parts, driving under the influence of alcohol, driver fatigue, and dangerous conditions or additional hazards on roads.

  • Workplace Accidents – Some industries are inherently more hazardous than others. Construction areas, for example, present occupational hazards. However, an employer is responsible for the safety their workers deserve to do their jobs. When this standard of care is not met, employers or contractors may be responsible for compensating injured workers.
  • Premises Liability – Business and property owners have the same responsibility to people who legally set foot on their grounds. This is true for commercial and residential premise owners. Some examples of premises liability cases in Manhattan include dog bites, building fires, slip-and-fall accidents, or any injury that has resulted from failure to ensure safe conditions.
  • Product Liability – When a manufacturer puts its goods up for sale, it takes on the responsibility of ensuring products are safe for use or consumption. As a result, if a consumer is harmed using a product, they can sue the manufacturer for damages. These cases commonly involve children’s toys, defective drugs, beauty products, and electronic devices.

Knowing New York’s Personal Injury Laws

To get your claim started in accordance with New York state laws, you must meet a filing deadline known as the statute of limitations, meaning your claim must be filed within a certain amount of time after your accident or injury (three years). Failing to adhere to this deadline could have a considerable negative impact on the outcome of your case and reduce opportunities for success.

Insurance companies may also use our state’s comparative negligence laws to get victims to settle for less. In New York, if you share any amount of liability for your case, your compensation will be decreased proportionally and you may only receive a partial insurance settlement. It’s understandable for accident victims to want to know a professional is actively fighting for their interests.

The lawyers of Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP will use their legal knowledge, vast resources, and ability to negotiate to represent you against insurance companies. Our office will dedicate their service and fight tirelessly to represent their clients in a way that results in reasonable successes whether a claim can be negotiated with insurance or must be litigated before a judge to reach lawful verdicts.


Of course, as an injured victim of negligence in Manhattan, your primary concern will be recovering from your physical injuries and restoring your quality of life. To promote your interests, your accident injury attorney will ensure you’re awarded the complete compensation you need. Our lawyers will determine and fight for damages you may not have even known you were eligible to be paid.

A free, confidential consultation with our lawyers often helps future clients understand what rights they have to recover both economic and non-economic. Some economic forms of damage your attorney may require the insurance company to pay  in the representation of your claim include the following:

  • Your complete medical bills, including costs for prescription medications, hospital expenses, ambulance fees, doctor’s visits, emergency care, travel costs associated with various treatments, physical or occupational rehabilitation programs or equipment, and more
  • Reasonable compensation for any reportable property damages you incurred, such as damage to your vehicle if you were involved in a car or motorcycle accident or to a building in a construction accident

It is challenging for a dollar amount to be placed on some forms of losses—there are emotional consequences of many injuries, for example, beyond simple financial costs. A lawyer with personal injury experience will focus their personal attention on exploring every avenue of non-economic, or intangible, damage. Some of these areas of damages are listed below:

  • Lost income or wages lost from hours you would’ve worked if not for your injury recovery
  • Loss of earning capacity or potential
  • Wrongful death benefits for families who have experienced the ultimate loss–that of a loved one–due to another person’s negligence
  • Mental anguish damages, which may involve the development of a psychological condition like anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium, which seek to compensate victims for the impact of a catastrophic injury on their quality of life
  • Punitive damages, which are meant to punish the wrongdoing and negligent actions of drivers, companies, manufacturers, and any other individual or agency involved in the causation of your injuries


If someone has seriously injured you through their negligence, schedule a consultation to secure the service of a legal team that has helped many Manhattan families win justice. Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP wants you to know you’re not alone. We are here to offer clients our assistance and provide the aggressive representation you need to secure a favorable outcome in your case.

Get in touch with a Manhattan personal injury lawyer about the details of your claim today. To request more information on our firm, how we’ve worked for past clients, and what Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can do for you, submit the contact form below. You can also call our office directly, where you’ll always receive a live response, at 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) to get started on your case.

Manhattan Personal Injury FAQ

Your Manhattan injury attorney is here to answer any and all questions you have about your case. Below, you’ll find some answers to questions we commonly receive. Give us a call if you have any further questions or concerns. We’ll be happy to help.

What types of injuries qualify for personal injury compensation?

In general, any type of injury that results from someone else’s negligence will qualify for compensation. However, more serious injuries will usually qualify for more compensation. Serious injuries include brain injuries, spine injuries, broken bones, and burns, among many others.

What is the statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims?

While the general statute of limitations for personal injury claims in New York is three years from the date of the accident, those who are considering filing a medical malpractice claim in Manhattan will have only two and a half years to do so.

What if I can’t afford a lawyer?

Most personal injury lawyers, including those at our firm, work on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t pay anything unless and until we win your case. Then, your legal fees can come directly out of the compensation you’re awarded, meaning you don’t have to worry about whether you can afford a lawyer right now.

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