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An injury caused by an accident can leave you buried in debt and dealing with serious physical disabilities. Get the compensation your recovery requires by working with a Manhattan serious injury lawyer.

After an accident resulting in a serious injury, your world will likely be turned upside-down. In addition to the dramatic lifestyle changes you may have to make, you are left to deal with all of the legal battles and financial losses that follow.

The good news is that if someone else was at fault, you can seek compensation for your damages by pursuing a personal injury claim. Having an attorney on your side to investigate the accident and fight for your full compensation can make this process go much, much smoother. A Manhattan serious injury lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can prevent you from becoming a victim a second time.

While having a lawyer might not seem like a necessity, it’s a vital step in your recovery process. Your lawyer will take all of the steps necessary to battle the insurance companies and guide you to the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Companies and Your Injury

Once you’ve sustained a catastrophic injury, you’ll need to seek compensation from the negligent party, which will likely come from their insurer. While this is a good idea, most injured victims report that the insurance companies are far from helpful.

In our experience, insurance companies care more about settling quickly and for as little money as possible. As a result, their offer may be much less than the amount of money you actually need to cope with and recover from your injuries.

Because we understand this process, your serious injury lawyer will make sure to investigate the scene of your accident, talk to your healthcare providers, and interview witnesses to get the whole picture. This can all be used to put you in a strong position when it comes to negotiating with the insurance companies for full compensation. The best part is that your attorney will handle all of the negotiation for you, allowing you to get back to your life.

Compensation for a Serious Injury

Many injured accident victims want to know how much their claim is worth. We understand that, but it’s necessary to collect all the facts of your case before an accurate assessment can be provided.

That being said, there are several financial damages that are commonly present in serious injury cases:

  • Medical bills, including current and future care
  • Rehab and physical therapy, if necessary to recover from your catastrophic injury
  • Transportation costs associated with your medical care and due to your injury
  • Renovation costs if modifications must be made to your home or vehicle to accommodate your injuries

Other than these economic expenses, your attorney will also fight for non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and lost companionship. We know that the mental and emotional impact of a serious injury can be, and we will fight for every penny of compensation you’re owed.

Connect with a Manhattan Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

A serious injury from any type of accident can cause lifestyle changes and emotional stress—not to mention the huge financial burden. While the insurance companies are supposed to be there to help, they likely won’t offer you the full amount you need to recover. That’s where we come in.

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