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Almost any car accident that is the result of someone else’s negligence warrants compensation. Get the compensation you deserve by teaming up with a Mount Vernon car crash lawyer.

Anyone can try to imagine how devastating a serious car crash feels, but only those who have actually experienced one truly know how damaging these accidents can be.

If you have never been in a serious accident, it’s easy to overlook the fact that accident victims experience more than just physical pain; their financial and emotional wellbeing is likely to take a big hit, as well.

Fortunately, there’s a way to help ensure that you, as an accident victim, return to your former self—by filing a personal injury claim for your accident. To get the compensation you need and deserve, contact a Mount Vernon car accident lawyer at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP today.

Insurance Company Tricks

As if the path to recovery didn’t already have enough roadblocks, injury victims will be forced to deal with another obstacle in the form of difficult insurance companies. Insurers intentionally make it difficult to obtain the compensation you need because any payouts or settlements they make have a direct impact on their bottom line.

If you do decide to speak with an insurance company representative, we strongly advise against speaking with an adjuster. It’s no secret that adjusters will often go to any lengths to find incriminating evidence against you.

A simple example of a way that an adjuster could accomplish this would be through recording a conversation in which you accidentally say something that makes it seem like you were distracted or negligent on the road.

Although your claim for compensation may not be completely eliminated by such a slip of the tongue, it could be dramatically lessened. We recommend having a Mount Vernon car wreck lawyer speak to an adjuster on your behalf.

What You Need to Know

No car accident victim needs to be aware of every aspect of New York personal injury law, but it is still important to understand some basic concepts.

For starters, New York has a statute of limitations for personal injury cases of three years, meaning that any suits filed after this point will be considered legally invalid.

In addition, it helps to be aware of the fact that New York uses a standard called pure comparative negligence for determining liability in personal injury suits.

Pure comparative negligence can play to the favor of plaintiffs in a personal injury case for two reasons:

  • It allows accident victims to recover at least some damages in a favorable verdict, as long as they weren’t purely at fault.
  • It allows them to sue for—and win—damages from multiple negligent parties.

When the case is one that doesn’t involve pure fault, damages won in a car accident suit will be awarded on a proportional basis (e.g., if all other parties are assigned 80 percent of the blame, you will be eligible to receive 80 percent of potential damages).

Injuries and Losses in Mount Vernon Car Accidents

You must not overlook the various injuries and losses you have experienced as a result of your Mount Vernon car crash. Examples of injuries you or a passenger might have experienced include the following:

  • Contusions, concussions, and other traumatic brain injuries
  • Paralysis and other spine injuries
  • Damage to the face or eyes
  • Broken bones
  • Lost limbs
  • Internal organ damage
  • Internal bleeding

When documenting your injuries, you will want to account for anything that has affected you in the past and present or may affect you in the future.

Losses should compensate injury victims for not only their physical harm, but any other adverse outcomes resulting from their accident.

Examples that may apply to your Mount Vernon car accident case include medical bills, lost income or earning potential, damage to your vehicle, emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and worsened quality of life.

Speak with a Mount Vernon Car Accident Attorney

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