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If you got sick after working at a dusty or dirty job site, you could have a legal claim.

To speak with an experienced acute respiratory syndrome lawyer in New York City, call our office. Scientists and doctors are becoming more aware of the damage a dusty and dirty work environment can do to your lungs.  Much of this research has been done post 9/11. After the Twin Towers collapsed, over 4,000 pounds of debris and dust filled the air. Because the original World Trade Center was built using asbestos materials, people in the area were at risk for developing respiratory problems. First responders were at risk but so were the construction workers responsible for clearing the debris.  Scientists have been studying the impact on 9/11 workers and the information they have found can be applied to virtually any dirty job site.

What Happens When the Air is Dirty?

Since 9/11, researchers have been studying the effect of the toxic dust that filled the air. On that day, the air was so toxic that the asbestos levels were 112,000 times above the legal limit. As a result, first responders suffered from various levels of lung impairment. To put this in perspective, firefighters who served on 9/11 have had a 19 percent increase in cancer diagnoses compared with firefighters who did not.  This problem, however, is not isolated to that terrible day.  Every day, construction workers are exposed to dusty and dirty air at job sites throughout the country.  With the right amount of exposure, what happened to 9/11 workers can happen to any construction worker.

Dangers for Construction Workers

Construction workers regularly have to demolish buildings and clear debris. Since much of this debris contains asbestos, this puts workers at a direct risk for developing acute respiratory syndrome or asbestosis. If you have worked on dirty job sites or spent time on a demo crew, and have since developed respiratory problems, you should visit a doctor and call an attorney.  Whether your impairment is minor or severe likely depends on the level and frequency of the exposure, your health, and whether you were predisposed to lung problems, like an asthmatic.  Regardless, your foreman and employer have a responsibility to follow OSHA safety protocols so that you do not become sick.  If they did not, you could have a legal case.

When to Speak With an Acute Respiratory Syndrome Lawyer in New York City

If you have been diagnosed with acute respiratory syndrome, you should focus on your health and recovery. While exposure to a dirty or dusty job site often leads to some form of respiratory distress, most workers will experience a full recovery. If you are still suffering from respiratory illnesses, you could have acute respiratory syndrome and have a legal claim. You should pay attention to how you feel and whether you have a cough, constant sore throat, or other respiratory illness. If you do, this could be a sign of a serious condition like mesothelioma. Our goal is to make sure that you receive the medical care you need and that you are compensated for what has happened to you. Once retained, we can create a legal strategy for how to proceed with your case so you can receive the financial compensation you need and deserve.

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At Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, we can ensure that your rights are protected. After living with acute respiratory syndrome, it is normal to have many questions about whether or not you have a case. By answering them, we can help you proceed with confidence. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 1 (800) 842-8462 or click here.

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