Electrocution Lawyer New York City

If you have been electrocuted on the job, you need an electrocution lawyer in New York City.  These accidents can lead to serious and lasting injuries.  In this case, your sole objective needs to be on recovering and receiving the medical care that you need in order to do so.  This is not easy when you are stressed out and worried about your finances.  As an attorney, we can help to take care of the legal aspects of your accident, including ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve to take care of your family.  This way, you can focus on your health.

Electrocution Accidents are Too Common

According to OSHA, electrocutions are the second leading cause of workplace injuries in the construction industry.  They are second only to falls and considered one of the “fatal four.”  Electrical Contractor Magazine reported that professional electricians were the most likely to suffer an electrocution injury or death.  Given the level of training electrical contractors go through, it creates serious questions about the safety of the job sites themselves.  After being electrocuted, it will be important for you to reflect on what happened leading up to the accident and the safety of the job site in general.  This information will help us in building your case.

How an Electrocution Lawyer in New York City Can Help You

If you have been injured on the job, it is important to work with a NYC attorney that has experience in the construction industry and handling injury cases. We do and our expertise can go to work ensuring that you are treated fairly, that you have access to the best medical care, and that your family is taken care of financially.  This takes work and the ability to investigate the accident, what caused it, and why it happened.  This is necessary for proving negligence or fault.  Our team will work to gather the evidence that we need to build a strong case for why you deserve compensation for your injuries.

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