NYC Fall from Height Lawyer

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falling from heights is the leading cause of workplace injuries in the construction industry.

There are many possibilities for what could be at fault in a fall injury case. The employer may not have provided a safe workplace or an equipment manufacturer may have produced shoddy equipment. Sometimes a negligent coworker may be to blame.

After a fall accident, whether you choose to seek compensation through your employer’s workers compensation insurance or a civil lawsuit will depend on the nature of your accident and what caused it.

As an NYC fall from height lawyer, we can represent you and make sure that your rights are protected, giving you the best chance possible at a successful conclusion to your case.

Workers Compensation

As an injured worker, you have a right to file a workers compensation claim after a New York workplace injury. You are entitled to both medical care and a portion of your lost wages, regardless of who was at fault.

Filing a workers compensation claim should be a straightforward process, but some employers may try to prevent you from filing or pressure you into going back to work before recovering.

You have a right to your recovery and the compensation it requires. Contact an NYC fall from height lawyer to ensure your health is respected.

Civil Lawsuits

Workers compensation benefits will only pay for part of your lost wages and medical bills.

However, if it can be proven that a third party was negligent and responsible for your accident, we can file a civil lawsuit and seek financial damages to pay for any additional lost wages, medical bills, additional lifestyle expenses, and pain and suffering associated with your injury.

The third party involved in your case could be as obvious as a negligent coworker or an employer who failed to supply you with the necessary equipment. It may also be something less obvious, such as an equipment manufacturer that produced poorly made safety equipment incapable of fulfilling its purpose.

Employers and Safety Standards

OSHA has set fall protection standards in place that every employer must comply with. If your employer failed to do so, they could receive a written citation from OSHA and be liable for your injuries.

Employers are responsible for providing a safe workplace for their employees. Review the details of your fall accident with your NYC fall from height lawyer to determine if your employer let you down in this regard.

Equipment Manufacturers

There are many instances of falls that were caused by  faulty safety equipment. Sometimes falls such as this are due to poor equipment design while others are the result of manufacturing defects.

If the safety equipment manufacturer’s shoddy equipment caused your accident and resulting injuries, they could be negligent and held responsible.

Contact an NYC Attorney

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