Ladder or Scaffold Accident Lawyer New York City

When You Need a Ladder or Scaffold Accident Lawyer New York City

There are millions of workers who are employed by the construction industry. We know that 65 percent of all workers engaged in the construction industry will work on a scaffold or ladder during the course of their employment. Unfortunately, often due to neglect, accidents happen, which is when you need a ladder or scaffold accident lawyer in New York City.

A Ladder and Scaffold Accident Lawyer New York City and the Risks of Working on a Scaffold

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there are over 6,500 scaffolding related injuries each and every year. Companies have to do more to protect their employees from these kinds of career-ending accidents. If you have been hurt or injured by falling off a scaffolding or a ladder, it is important that you contact a ladder and scaffold accident lawyer New York city as soon as possible to explain all your rights and responsibilities.

Common Causes of Accidents as Seen by a Ladder and Scaffold Lawyer New York City

The vast majority of scaffolding and ladder accidents can be avoided. What we have found, and OSHA agrees with, is that in 72 percent of these kinds of accidents, the worker fell or was injured due to the right precautions not being taken by the employer. The most common reason why workers tell us, their ladder and scaffold accident lawyer in New York City, that they got hurt was because of planking or support giving way, slipping and falling, or being hit by a falling object.

Standards Your Ladder and Scaffold Lawyer New York Will Look At

OSHA provides employers with very strict standards that they must adhere to. This is to protect the employee in a job like construction from a workplace accident. Unfortunately, employers sometimes take shortcuts to avoid compliance. When they do this, they increase the risk to their workers. We will be looking for very specific items to determine if the employer was negligent, if the equipment being used was adequate, if the equipment met the safety standards, and if your employer took all the steps possible to ensure your safety.

Typical in Ladder and Scaffold Cases

When you are injured in an on-the-job accident, which could involve a ladder or scaffold, there is a limited time to act and certain processes that must be followed. We encourage you to contact us immediately so you have the best representation possible from day one. Contact our personal injury attorneys to learn how we can help you secure the compensation to which you are entitled to get back on your feet.

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