Machinery Accidents & Injuries

We know how common it is to be injured while on the job.  Every day you get up, go to work, and do your best, expecting to make it back home to your family intact and with a paycheck.  What happens when things do not work out? When you are injured doing something that should never have harmed you? If you were injured at work, you may need the help of an operating equipment accident attorney.

Common Machinery Accidents & Injuries

We help clients that have been injured in NYC while operating or working near heavy equipment like backhoes, bulldozers, loaders, excavators, asphalt pavers, dump trucks, pipe layers, wheel dozers, cranes, drilling machines and more.  Very often these accidents occur because of a lack of equipment maintenance and something malfunctioning as a result.  Other times, accidents are caused because of a lack of formalized safety protocols.  Regardless of why you believe you were injured, we can discuss your case and the potential options available to you.

How a Construction Accident Lawyer in New York City Can Help You

First, we want to make sure that you are okay.  Ensuring that you have access to top-quality medical care is important to us.  If your employer is trying to prevent you from visiting a specialist or a doctor that you trust, you should call us.  We can make sure that your rights are protected, that you receive the medical treatments that your doctor recommends and that you are treated fairly after your accident.

A Construction Accident Lawyer in New York City Will Work to Prove Negligence

After you have been injured, we will want to meet with you, conduct an interview and begin gathering information that will demonstrate who was responsible for your accident.  The information that we collect is important for proving negligence, or who was at fault for what happened and your subsequent injuries. This part of the process can take time but it is critical.  You can help by providing us with details, names of any potential witnesses, and information on any prior workplace accidents that you are aware of.

Speak With an Accident Lawyer in New York City

At Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, we can answer any questions that you may have regarding your case.  It is normal to have a lot of questions, and our experience can help you to proceed with confidence. To schedule a free initial consultation call 1 (800) 842-8462.

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