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Is Your Employer Negligent?

The construction industry has some of the hardest working people located in some of the most dangerous environments. As a result, there are often accidents that occur on construction sites for which the worker may be eligible for compensation. The first thing to determine in regards to when you will need a Construction Negligence Lawyer New York City is if the employer was negligent and did not take all the precautions necessary to protect the safety and wellbeing of their job site employees.

Options If You Have Been Hurt in an On-the-Job Construction Accident

Too many workers assume that they only have one option if they have been involved in a construction job accident, and that is to file a worker’s compensation claim. The truth is that this is a very important step, but it may be one of many avenues you have, which you should explore with your construction negligence lawyer in New York City. Never assume that any path is closed off until you explore it with your construction negligence attorney.

Liability of the Employer

The first thing a construction negligence lawyer in New York City needs to demonstrate is that the employer was negligent according to reasonable standards. Reasonable standards are what courts look at in cases like this to determine what a “reasonable” person would have been expected to do in a case like yours. The point is to show that the employer did not meet these standards and bears at least some of the responsibility for the injury you sustained.

Failing to Meet Reasonable Safety Standards

The Department of Labor lays out very strict guidelines that an employer must follow when they have workers at a construction site. The first thing we would do is look at these rules to see if the employer was following them precisely. In the absence of following OSHA recommendations, the employer automatically picks up a level of liability, since they are required by law to comply with Department of Labor standards. In addition, we may look at things like proper use and training on equipment.

Equipment Training and Proper Use

Every employee must be properly trained and be using their equipment properly so as to reduce the risk of accidents. Failure to properly train an employee, for a construction negligence lawyer New York City, constitutes a level of negligence

If you have been injured in an accident and you believe your employer was negligent, it is critical that you contact us, your construction negligence lawyer New York City, immediately so we can examine all the options open to you.

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