Unsafe Equipment Accident Lawyer New York City

When Equipment Usage Goes Bad

There is an inherent danger when you are using any kind of equipment on a construction site. As an unsafe equipment accident lawyer from New York City, we know that when there is equipment involved, particularly machinery, the accidents can be much more serious. By their intrinsic nature, whenever there is equipment involved in an accident, the injuries tend to be more severe, the trauma tends to increase, and the risk of death is also greatly increased, which is why it is critically important for employers to provide the right training and certifications for equipment operators.

Training on Equipment Prevents Unsafe Equipment Accidents

Employers have a responsibility to properly train their workers on any equipment. An employee working with unfamiliar equipment is a risk, not only to themselves but also to other people around them. For a worker injured on the job in an unsafe equipment accident, an unsafe equipment accident lawyer in New York will want to know if they were properly trained to safely operate the equipment. If a third party was involved, were they properly trained to operate the equipment? For much of the equipment used at a job site, there are special certifications required. Failure by a company to ensure that the operators have these certifications could rise to the level of negligence if you have been hurt.

The Severity of Unsafe Equipment Accidents

As an unsafe equipment accident lawyer in New York, we know that with equipment comes an inherent risk of severe injury. Often, when there is machinery involved, the injuries can be catastrophic. Some of the injuries we have seen have included:

  • Broken Bones: This is one of the most common results of a workplace accident that occurs as a result of unsafe equipment accidents. A broken bone can be minor like a finger or major, but it still constitutes an unsafe work environment
  • Cuts and Abrasions: Also relatively common, these can be both minor or major depending on the circumstances. Your unsafe equipment accident lawyer New York City will tell you that a cut from a saw, for example, can be minor or catastrophic.
  • Loss of Limbs: It is not difficult to imagine, given the size and scale of some construction site equipment, how easy it would be to lose a limb. An employer’s job is to provide safe, tested, and regulated equipment, operated by trained professionals to avoid this kind of loss.

The Right Unsafe Equipment Accident Lawyer New York City

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