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Bed sores are often a sign of a much bigger problem. For help holding a negligent nursing home accountable in civil court, call an NYC bed sore attorney.

Bed sores may not seem like the worst ailment in the world, but they are still a pesky skin condition that can worsen without proper treatment.

If you or a loved one has developed bed sores as a result of negligent care, such as in a nursing home, you don’t have to let your skin itch and burn until it’s no longer bearable—or worse, suffer in silence, only to later forget the incident altogether.

To get a sense of the legal options that may be at your disposal, contact an NYC bed sore lawyer at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP today.

How to Recover Damages in Court

Should you or a family member have suffered bed sores due to improper care in NYC, there may be a few legal tools available to help promote your full and complete recovery. Your primary option will likely be filing a personal injury claim, which may help compensate you for any injuries or losses to which you have been subjected.

The first step in filing any type of personal injury claim is identifying the person who was responsible for causing you harm, along with how he or she did so. Some common causes of bed sores that you would want to consider when filing your personal injury claim include the following:

  • Being bedridden
  • Using a wheelchair
  • General lack of mobility
  • Moist or soiled sheets and clothing
  • Excessive pressure or rubbing against the skin

Be aware that intent matters much less than actions in a personal injury case, meaning that you won’t have to examine motives. You’ll simply have to prove that the caretaker failed to fulfill his or her expected duty of care, and that neglect resulted in bed sores.

From here, it will help to provide as much evidence as you can of the severity of your bed sores, which may entail compiling photos, medical documentation, and witness testimony. Lacking sufficient evidence may hamper your ability to recover adequate compensation.

How Personal Injury Law Can Affect Your Case

Any personal injury claim filed in the state of New York is subject to certain legal rules and regulations, none of which you or your legal team can reasonably choose to ignore. One practical consideration to get out of the way is your case’s statute of limitations, which indicates how long from the date you were injured you will be given to sue.

For personal injury cases, the standard statute of limitations is three years. Exceptions to this rule may be granted, but they are relatively rare.

There are other important elements of personal injury law that you’ll inevitably face, but any bed sore lawyer in NYC worth his or her salt should be prepared to handle them as they arise.

Connect with an NYC Bed Sore Attorney

As nursing home costs continue to rise, it’s only reasonable to expect your money will buy you the care you expect and deserve.

If your nursing home’s care services end up doing more harm than good, leading to conditions like bed sores, you may want to consider filing a personal injury claim or suit to deal with your resulting losses and injuries.

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