Poor Personal Hygiene in Nursing Homes

We trust nursing home personnel to take care of our loved ones. We expect that they’re getting the food, mental stimulation, and medical care they need, and we expect that they’re being kept clean and safe.

But what if they aren’t getting the care they deserve? How will you know? What can you do?

Hygiene in Nursing Homes

Poor personal hygiene in a nursing home patient is a strong indicator of neglect.If your loved one doesn’t – or is unable to – come out and tell you that he or she is not receiving proper personal care, you’ll have to do a little detective work on your own. You may notice that your loved one’s fingernails are too long or are dirty; perhaps you notice body odor, or, for people who cannot use the restroom on their own, soiled undergarments or bed sheets. Oral hygiene is also a frequently cited problem in nursing care facilities, as well.

Hygiene on the professionals’ part is also very necessary. Nurses and other caretakers who don’t follow proper hygiene procedures can get your loved one sick by transferring germs from one patient to another.

Nursing Home Neglect and Personal Hygiene

Some assisted-care facilities simply don’t have enough staff to ensure that every patient is receiving the appropriate level of care. That does not excuse neglect. Poor personal hygiene can lead to bedsores, which can develop life-threatening infections over time.

The failure to provide the most basic of care is inexcusable, and if you discover that your loved one is not bathing or being bathed, the first thing you should do is talk to the nursing home director.

If you don’t get answers you’re satisfied with, you may want to look for a new nursing care facility.

What to Do if Your Loved One is Receiving Inadequate Care

It’s earth shattering to find out that someone you love is receiving inadequate or poor care in a nursing home. If you discover that your loved one isn’t being bathed or properly cleaned, it might be time to remove him or her from that setting. You may also choose to talk to a nursing home abuse lawyer. These are clear signs of neglect, and there may be a way that you, your loved one and your family can get justice.


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