How Long Until I Receive My Car Accident Settlement Check?

After an auto accident, getting your settlement quickly is vital. You need to pay off your hospital bills, get your car repaired, and make up for your lost income while you were unable to work. Whether your auto wreck just happened, or you’ve been waiting for your funds for months now, you’re likely wondering, “How long until I receive my car accident settlement check?”

The answer depends on a few factors. Fortunately, a lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can help you settle your claim and secure your funds. Your accident attorney will ensure that all necessary paperwork is filed on time and error-free to ensure that the process happens as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Your Settlement Timeline

When you’ve reached a settlement with your insurance company, or you’ve reached an agreement with the defendant if your case went to civil court, there are still a few steps to take. Although your settlement is ready to go, your lawyer will help ensure the funds are disbursed properly and your expenses are paid for.

You’ll need to cover the attorney’s contingency fee, which should be a percentage of your total settlement amount. After that, the settlement will cover all liens or bills from your accident, which can include anything from your medical care to your car replacement. This process can can take as long as six weeks, but often, you’ll see your compensation sooner than that.

When Your Claim Could Be Delayed

Unfortunately, not every settlement check is going to arrive on time. You might experience some delays, which leaves you struggling to deal with little-to-no income and an increasing number of debt collection calls.

Settlements can be delayed for several reasons. If you haven’t received your money yet, go over the following list with your attorney:

  • Ongoing Treatment – If you’re still in the hospital, the insurance company might not settle with you yet. You’ll need to have reach maximum medical improvement before a payment is issued. If you suffered a head injury, for example, it can take time for your injuries to reach maximum medical improvement, which can delay your funds.
  • Major Damages – Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, so they’ll make sure a large settlement is completely correct before they pay out. If you feel the insurance company is dragging out your payment disbursement, have your lawyer intervene.
  • At-Fault Party Issues – If your injury exceeded the serious injury threshold, and your claim against the at-fault party was brought to civil claims court, the process of receiving your funds can be delayed. The at-fault party will need to go through extended paperwork and documentation with the court and their insurer before the funds can be released.

Getting Your Settlement on Time

When you’re injured, you need your settlement check to cover your medical and accident-related expenses. You’re likely wondering how long until you receive your car accident settlement check. It depends on your claim.

Each accident, and subsequent injury claim, is unique. Your New York City attorney from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP is on your side. We’ll make sure you receive your compensation as soon as possible. If you’re struggling to get your settlement check on your own, seek out help by dialing 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) or by completing the online form below.

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