How to Handle the Insurance Company After a Car Accident

You’re injured and you’ve suffered damages. The insurance company is telling you that they won’t pay, or they’re offering pennies on the dollar. You can’t move forward with your life until this issue is resolved, but you’re not sure how to handle the insurance company after a car accident.

Too often in these cases, insurance companies will try to bully you into accepting a low-ball settlement that’s not enough money to cover your medical bills, lost income, or even the damage to your car.

Even if you feel like the other person was entirely at fault, you need to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself from any legal problems down the road.

Actions to Take After a Car Accident

The importance of staying calm and focused on the situation at hand cannot be overstated.

After any car accident, make sure that you call your own insurance company right away. Get this process started so that they can help answer questions and get things taken care of as quickly as possible.

Be ready to provide information about yourself and the other driver.

Go to the ER

If you don’t go to the emergency room and have your injuries documented, the insurance companies could argue later that they don’t have to pay your claim because you had pre-existing conditions or that your injuries are unrelated to the accident.

Remember, insurance companies are in business to make a profit and want to pay you as little as possible.

Gather Evidence

You’ll want to get information like a copy of the police report so you have access to the official record of what happened.

Next, gather any documentation. The importance of pictures and video means you should take care and get the best images possible. If a business is nearby, call and ask them if they can provide you with the footage from the night of your wreck.

Any witness statements would be invaluable to your case.

Check Your Coverage

When you talk to your insurance agent, get information about your policy. Ask if you have rental car coverage or personal injury protection. These help provide for things like medical expenses until these types of cases can be resolved.

Call a Lawyer and Don’t Rush to Accept a Settlement

Once a settlement is offered, ask for more time if necessary. Tell the adjuster that you need to consider their offer because it isn’t fair and doesn’t reflect the damage that’s been done, then ask them to provide an itemized statement of damages and share it with your lawyer.

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