Does Uber’s Insurance Compensate Victims After Accidents?

Uber insurance may compensate car accident victims depending on whether the driver was driving on behalf of the company at the time. However, most cases are not as straightforward as it sounds. 

Rideshare apps like Uber took the public by storm through a reliable, affordable, and private riding experience. But this comes at the cost of driver attention when they have to constantly look at their phone for directions, confirm addresses, and client requests. Does this mean that Uber will be liable for accidents caused by their drivers’ negligent actions?

It depends. And the company’s insurance might not be so quick to settle, especially if your damages amount to a lot of money. With such complex legal matters, consult an Uber accident lawyer who knows their way around the law to protect your rights and bring you justice.

Issues with Rideshare Accident Cases

One of the issues that will affect your claim is the fact that Uber drivers are not company employees. They’re independent contractors. This means employer liability is not obligated to kick in upon an accident for rideshares. You may instead need to seek compensation through the driver’s commercial driver insurance.

Ridesharing apps are relatively new innovations, and policymakers are still establishing and revising laws like accident liability. Sometimes you may be unsure what the laws mean if you fail to consult an attorney, so reach out before you accept a settlement offer.

Will Uber Compensate Me for My Accident?

Whether you’re a passenger riding an Uber, another driver, cyclist, or pedestrian hit by an Uber, you deserve sufficient recovery after the accident. Because of this, you may need to seek compensation from the driver’s insurance company.

Uber insurance may pay for all economic and non-economic damages for an accident caused by their driver depending on the following circumstances:

  • Was the Driver Logged on Their App? – Uber is not liable if the driver was not logged on the app when the crash happened. The driver’s commercial auto insurance covers your damages here instead.
  • Was the Driver Waiting for a Ride Request? – If the driver was logged on and waiting for a ride request, Uber insurance may compensate up to $25,000 for property damage, $50,000 for physical injuries of each victim, and $100,000 for all injuries.  
  • Was the Driver Riding with a Passenger? – If the driver had accepted the request and was either riding to pick up a passenger or already picked them up, Uber’s entire $1 million liability insurance will compensate the victims.

Other Compensation Options after an Uber Accident

Before you file an at-fault car accident claim against Uber or their driver, you must first seek compensation from your no-fault auto insurance, regardless of which driver is at fault. However, these policies do not cover non-economic damages.

If your injuries have met the state’s threshold for an at-fault accident lawsuit, you may also qualify to collect compensation from another driver if your Uber driver didn’t cause the crash. Your lawyer can guide you through the details of your case and your options.

Get Legal Support from an Uber Accident Lawyer

Uber’s insurance may still refuse your claim or reduce its value, even when they’re legally liable. This is unfair because you were injured in a crash you didn’t cause, and the defense wants you to pay for the resulting expenses too.

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