NYC Ceiling Collapse Lawyer

No one ever expects a ceiling to collapse on them. Other than a few rare situations, a ceiling collapse will almost always occur due to someone’s negligence.

Falling debris from a collapsing ceiling can not only leave you injured, but it also might make your home uninhabitable and damage your property. Knowing who to hold responsible in a situation like this isn’t always easy, and even then, proving their fault can be a challenge.

If you find yourself in this same scenario, contact an NYC ceiling collapse lawyer to determine your next step forward.

Determining Fault After a Ceiling Collapse

After a ceiling collapse, it will be necessary to conduct an investigation to determine who was at fault. Depending on the circumstances, it may have been the property owner, the building manager, a construction crew, a previous contractor, or even your upstairs neighbor.

For example, if you rented an apartment or house, and the ceiling collapsed due to disrepair and lack of maintenance, your landlord would most likely be responsible for any injuries and damages that occurred. Provided the landlord was maintaining the property properly, he or she should have been aware of any potential dangers to tenants and addressed them.

Similarly, if a construction crew failed to properly mark off a dangerous room or building, and the ceiling collapsed with you inside, you could make a strong case that the crew’s negligence was responsible for your injuries.

Whatever your scenario, working with an NYC ceiling collapse lawyer can help you determine who was to blame for the accident and devise a legal strategy to hold them accountable.

Compensation After a Ceiling Collapse

Any medical expenses or damages related to the ceiling collapse should be eligible for compensation. This includes any of the following items:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages due to time off work
  • Alternative housing expenses while your home is repaired
  • And more

Keep detailed records of all of your expenses after the collapse, and make certain to provide all of the information to your NYC ceiling collapse lawyer.

Ceiling Collapses and Comparative Negligence Laws

Under New York’s comparative negligence laws, all involved parties in an accident will be assigned a percentage of fault for an accident. While only a majority of the fault has to be assigned to someone else in order for you to receive a settlement, any percentage of blame assigned to you will directly reduce your total financial compensation by that same percentage.

For example, if construction was ongoing and you ignored warning signs or entered a restricted area, you could be partially to blame for your injuries in the ceiling collapse. Mitigating the fault assigned to you makes it imperative to work with an NYC ceiling collapse lawyer from the beginning of your case.

Get Help from an NYC Ceiling Collapse Lawyer

A ceiling collapse can leave you injured, out of your home, and wondering what to do next. A qualified NYC ceiling collapse lawyer can assist you through this turmoil and help you seek financial compensation from those responsible.

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