NYC Mold Exposure Lawyer

When mold starts growing in your home, it’s easy to ignore it, but this fungus represents more than a minor annoyance. The consequences of its presence should never be underestimated, as mold you can’t see can cause a significant amount of health problems.

Exposure to mold is extremely common, and the suffering it’s causing you could be a direct result of someone else’s carelessness. You may think that there’s nothing you can do and you have to accept what’s happening, but you do have options.

Speaking with an experienced NYC mold exposure lawyer is your best choice in this scenario and will allow you to protect your health, your rights, and your financial situation. Understanding how to hold negligent parties accountable for your injuries is the key to success.

Paying Attention to Your Surroundings

Mold grows in places with a lot of moisture. Common causes of mold growth indoors typically can be found in the following locations:

  • Leaks in roofs and pipes
  • Windows that weren’t installed correctly
  • Damaged or improperly maintained AC units
  • Damp carpets
  • Wet Basement Walls
  • Improper ventilation

You need to keep the heart of this problem in your mind at all times. Moisture is needed for mold to survive, and paying attention to your surroundings can help you fix this situation before potential health effects show up.

What Are the Symptoms of Mold Exposure?

The biggest mistake you could make is believing that mold is harmless. Many experts have confirmed that exposure to toxic mold can cause a variety of health problems that might be difficult to deal with in the long run, such as the following:

  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Headaches
  • Skin rashes
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Chest pain
  • Worsening of asthma-related symptoms
  • Allergies

These are only a few of the symptoms you could experience when this fungus keeps growing inside your walls. If you’re experiencing dizziness and other symptoms without a proper explanation, your illness is most likely a direct consequence of what’s happening in your house, and you’ll need to speak with a NYC mold exposure lawyer as soon as possible if you want to find a solution.

Why You Need an Attorney

You should never stop and wait in expectation for things to change by themselves. A mold exposure lawyer can help you file an effective mold exposure claim, and his invaluable help will drastically increase your chances of receiving the money you deserve.

You also need to realize that navigating through legal issues and many different laws can be extremely difficult without possessing the right knowledge, especially when you’re already stressed due to the symptoms you’re experiencing.

As the plaintiff, you’re required to prove injury and negligence. The at-fault party won’t just passively accept your version of the facts and handling your case in an improper manner can ruin your chances of getting compensated. Wasting time in this scenario would be unwise, as you may even lose important pieces of evidence.

Who’s at Fault?

Identifying the at-fault party is difficult and trying to make things right by accusing someone who’s not responsible can ruin your chances of achieving a positive outcome. There are many variables in toxic mold exposure cases, and anyone could have been negligent at any point, even before and after you started experiencing symptoms.

A seller might have not informed you that this house easily develops mold in specific spots, your landlord might have not taken action against this issue as quickly as possible, an employer may have sent you to work in mold-riddled conditions without proper PPE, and even a healthcare professional who failed to diagnose that your symptoms came from exposure to mold and didn’t provide the right treatment can be considered responsible.

A NYC mold exposure lawyer will investigate and can easily identify the person or company responsible for your damages, while negotiating with your best interests in mind so you can be compensated adequately.

Take Action with the Help of an NYC Mold Exposure Lawyer

When you’re injured or dealing with damages by someone else’s actions or inactions, you always have the right to be compensated for property damage and every other factor that negatively affected your life, but toxic mold cases can be particularly difficult to prove without legal counsel.

An NYC mold exposure lawyer at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP has the tools necessary to solve the situation as efficiently as possible. Our attorneys offer free consultations to anyone who’s suffering because of another individual’s mistakes, and will work with you in order to find the best solution possible for your case and your financial situation.

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