How Do I Report Elder Abuse?

Suspecting a loved one is suffering from elder abuse can be a scary situation. Their caretaker or the nursing home staff may not be treating them well, which may lead to fear, pain, and even a reduced life span. 

If you’re worried about reporting elder abuse correctly, reach out to a reputable personal injury lawyer at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP. We can help you make contact through the proper channels, take action, and even sue for their suffering. 

Know the Signs of Elder Abuse 

First, you may be unsure whether what you suspect is elder abuse. For example, your elderly loved one may bruise easily, and a fall can happen even if the caretaker is careful. Because of this, you may be hesitant to call the right authorities. 

But elder abuse covers many types of abuse, and you may have noticed more than physical signs. For example, you may have noticed, in addition to painful bedsores, your loved one hasn’t been bathed or fed. These may be signs of neglect, and you may need to act quickly to help them get the care they need to overcome this abuse. 

Contact Elder Abuse Authorities 

If you suspect your loved one is being abused, your next step is to take your evidence to Adult Protective Services (APS). The APS can investigate your loved one’s care within a few days of your call. If you believe your loved one is in a life-threatening situation, they may investigate within twenty-four hours of your report. 

If they find evidence of elder abuse, they have the tools to protect your loved one. They can coordinate with law enforcement for criminal situations, provide counseling, and help you make long-term arrangements for your family member. That may include guardianship measures and even protective orders, if you suspect a former caretaker may harm your family member. 

Seeking Legal Action for Elder Abuse? Call a Lawyer

Once the right authorities are involved in your elder abuse case, you may be relieved to know your family member is safe from continued abuse. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have grounds to take further action. 

If you or a loved one suffered elder abuse, you may have grounds for a lawsuit for their suffering. Start with a free consultation with the lawyers at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, and we can help you seek compensation for the damages you suffered. To accept your free consultation, call 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) or fill out the following online contact form. 

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