How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated in Lawsuits?

When you’re hurt in an accident, you might first be grateful and relieved that you’re still alive. However, accidents can still result in life-altering injuries and losses. If you’re unable to work while you recover, you’re likely looking at an extreme sense of financial strain. Couple that with mental trauma and lifestyle changes, and you’re likely feeling overwhelmed by the aftermath of your accident.

How do you calculate intangible suffering in civil claims? Your lawyer from our firm can help in this area, but it’s important to understand the process for yourself. Continue reading to learn more about calculating pain and suffering in New York injury lawsuits.

Determining Severity

When you’re dealing with pain and suffering, you won’t have a specific price tag as you have with car repairs or surgeries. Instead, you’re dealing with mental losses that are intangible in nature. Fortunately, there are certain key ways to calculate these types of suffering.

How severe your losses are can affect the compensation you receive. The more serious your emotional losses or distress, the more compensation you’re due.

For example, you may have sustained a brain injury that made it difficult to perform daily tasks around the house. This can affect your quality of life as you’ll need help with these tasks. It can also affect your sense of purpose and enjoyment of life.

The Long-Term Impact of Injuries

Some injuries come with long-term effects. For example, if you broke your leg in a fall, the break might have healed but you forever have trouble bending your leg a certain way or climbing a steep flight of stairs.

For the average person, this loss has some negative impacts on your life. You may be unable to complete certain tasks for your job or enjoy certain activities. However, if you’re a professional athlete, a bone break could end your career. Your lawyer will be able to review your injuries and determine how much your injuries impacted your future to determine their worth.

Contact Your Lawyer about Pain and Suffering Compensation

When you’re injured in an accident, you’re not only facing injuries and related financial expenses. You’ve also suffered mentally and emotionally because someone else wasn’t careful with your safety. In New York, you have the right to seek compensation for both your economic and non-economic damages.

Fortunately, your lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can help you get the answers you need regarding the calculation of non-economic losses. Get started with a free consultation to learn more about how your lawyer can assist. Reach out by calling 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) or by completing the online form below.

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