Responding to a Low Settlement Offer from an Insurance Company

During the initial phases of settlement negotiations with an insurance company, it’s important to realize that finding a mutually acceptable figure probably won’t be quick or easy.

Insurers have profit margins to maintain, while you will likely need all of the financial help you can get. Eventually, compromises will have to be made—assuming neither party acts on the temptation to end the negotiations early.

If you’re not in desperate need of damages, consider yourself lucky. Waiting for that perfect settlement offer may take a while—if it ever arrives at all. Remember: Patience is no less a virtue in settlement proceedings than it is elsewhere in life.

In this article, we will briefly discuss how you should handle a low settlement offer from an insurance company.

Be Courteous, But Don’t Be Afraid to Voice Your Opinion

Courtesy is always a fine quality, including in settlement proceedings. You want to make sure that you show respect for the due diligence done by the insurance company, much of which will have been completed by the firm’s claims adjuster.

Respecting someone else’s opinion, however, is much different from taking it at face value—particularly when that viewpoint is tainted by bias, misdirection, or a lack of conviction.

Understand that many insurers may try to convince you that their first settlement offer is a final, take-it-or-leave-it proposal, knowing very well that you can’t likely afford a protracted legal battle.

Provided that you have the means to wait—all while presenting solid evidence of the severity of your accident or injury—you will have significantly upped your chances of finishing with the upper hand.

So when it comes time to respond to a low settlement offer from the insurance company, work with your attorney to craft a response that further proves your need and eligibility for more compensation. This might include emphasizing certain pieces of evidence or indicating that you aren’t afraid to take the discussion to the courtroom, where a judge can decide the issue.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

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