Explaining the Steps of the Personal Injury Claim Process

When you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit, anticipate confronting several hurdles. A severe injury is the basis for any legitimate and successful personal injury claim. Without certain evidence of the plaintiff’s injuries, no claim will go further than the initial stages of the legal process.

Fortunately, filing a personal injury claim does not have to be troublesome. Let us walk you through the standard process of a personal injury claim.

Personal Injury Claim Defined

Personal injuries involve any harm to the body–physical or emotional, or harm done to one’s image instead of harm to property rights. For example, when you’ve been injured in a car accident caused by another party, you can file a personal injury claim.

A personal injury claim is a legal way of acquiring compensation from another party who caused your injury. The liable individual’s insurance company will compensate the injured person for medical costs, pain and suffering, other recurrent medical expenses, and more.

Personal injury cases can be established in civil court by having a personal injury lawyer on your side. The court aims to determine who is legally responsible for the other party’s actions by a court decision or, more commonly, an informal agreement to settlement before going to trial, called mediation.

Stages of a Personal Injury Case

If you’re considering making a personal injury claim, understand the following process before you start:

Work Out Who’s Responsible for Your Injuries and Gather Proof

Evidence is assembled by telling us everything you can remember about the incident or by taking photographs of the scene. Witness testimony is also extremely valuable in these cases; if possible, try to collect their contact information and/or statement.

Assess Your Injuries or Illness

The primary thing to do after getting harmed in a mishap is to get medical treatment. Medical treatment not only serves to protect your health at the time, but it also creates a record linking the incident to your injury, which will be pertinent to the success of your case.

Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer

An injury attorney will be your greatest asset on your journey to getting compensated for your injuries. The lawyers at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP will be in your corner and will fight to get you the most compensation possible to get you back on your feet. The sooner they’re contacted, the sooner the investigation can begin and witness testimony is best when fresh.

File a Complaint

Your lawyer will file the suit, lead the investigation, meet witnesses, arrange professional witnesses and reconstructions, negotiate with the other parties, meet important deadlines, inform you of your options going forward, and navigate the legal system for you. Because of this (and the fact that you’ll be taken less seriously), chances of court victory are slimmer without professional representation.


Most injury claims emerging from accidents don’t reach a civil court trial. In many cases, they are resolved through an out-of-court settlement among the parties.


Mediation frequently works, but the case is planned for trial if it doesn’t. A personal injury trial can last a day, a week, or longer. A judge or jury analyzes the evidence to decide whether the litigant ought to be held lawfully responsible for the wounds and harm charged by the offended party, and to what percentage they’re held responsible. They will also assess and place values on damages.

Compensation Payments

You’ll be paid remuneration in a lump sum when your claim closes, minus any interval payments you have already received or any percentage of the accident you may have been found at fault for.

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