What is a Preliminary Conference?

The Preliminary Conference (“PC”) is usually the first Court appearance. The primary purposes of the PC is for the attorneys, with the Court’s approval, to agree to a timetable for opposing parties to exchange information (i.e. Discovery) . The benefit of attending a PC is that the Judge signs an Order with the agreed upon timeline. This Court Order must then be complied with by both sides thus preventing the defendant(s) from delaying the progress of your case.

One of the most important things scheduled at the PC is your Examination Before Trial (“EBT”). The EBT is an informal proceeding whereby the defendant(s) attorneys question you about your specific injuries as well as the underlying facts and circumstances of this matter. At the PC, we will also agree to a timeline for the defense medical exam. This defense medical exam give the defendant(s) the opportunity to have their doctor exam you to assess the extent of the injuries that we are claiming.

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